More than 70 million Russians will lose their hobby. Due to the sanctions from the gaming giant

Russia has a population of over 146 million, with almost every other game being played. Interestingly, out of a total of 70 million players, 40 million play on phones and tablets, according to 42matters. Consoles and computers play second fiddle in Russia.

However, most of the largest countries in the world have to live without their hobbies. Due to the invasion of the armed forces in Ukraine, Take-Two Interactive, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Activision Blizzard, Epic Games, CD Projekt, Team Bloober, Supercell, Niantic and, for example, CI Games withdrew from Russia. It is the creator of the most popular games today.

In addition, Russia will not buy modern game consoles. The Russian games division, Microsoft and Nintendo have announced the suspension of business activities in Russia. The aforementioned trio of companies are behind the most popular game systems PlayStation, Xbox and Switch.

The PlayStation Store has also been disabled in Russia, making it impossible to purchase games but also access previously purchased titles or PlayStation Plus subscriptions. However, Nintendo has also suspended the possibility of paying at its online store in Russia, essentially eliminating the possibility of purchasing the software.

Other big tech companies have also pulled out of Russia due to the outbreak of war in Ukraine – such as Apple, IBM, Samsung, Dell, Nokia, Epson, Eset, Avast and Panasonic.

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