Morning at RK: which car brand goes the fastest?

Germany makes a comparison – the driver of which car brand gets the most fines. Surprisingly – this is not the owner of … a car that can be suspected. It turns out that there is an order. And is it possible to say in Poland that a certain brand of car drives the fastest?

In today’s “News of the Day”, which driver from which car brand is driving the fastest?

We invite you to 9.00.

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Today is Tuesday, April 26, the 116th day of the year.

There are 249 left at the end of the year

Sunrise in Kielce: 5:23am

Sunset in Kielce: 7:49 PM

The day lasts 14 hours 26 minutes and is 1 hour 57 minutes shorter than the longest day of the year.

Name day is celebrated by: Marcelin, Marzena and Artemon, Aureliusz, Dominik, Grzegorz, Klarencjusz, Klet, Luciidius, Erwina, Mariusz, Paschazy, Piotr, Ryszard, Spycimir


Proverb for today:

“Warm April followed by cold May”


Unusual holidays:

World Intellectual Property Day

Road and Transport Workers Day

International Chernobyl Memorial Day



1863 – SUCH: rebels from the Zawadzki Hipolit unit, which had broken out near Ormanichą (near Szkucin, in the commune of Ruda Maleniecka), reached the rebel camp near Suchedniów.

1866 – TITLE: Leonard Skierski was born. Major General of the Polish Army. Commander of the 4th Army in the Battle of Warsaw. A victim of the Katyn massacre.

1943 – ANTONEL: Members of the People’s Guard militia entered the village, which was mostly inhabited by German invaders, and asked for food and vodka at a local shop called Konsumverrin. The shop owner did not agree to this and a shootout ensued which resulted in the death of 16 invaders. The militants went in the direction of Naramowo and Skałka Polska, but without entering these villages, they joined the forest complex around Radoszyce. Interestingly, in communist historiography, this act is described as: “In retaliation for Nazi pacification, the GL branch of the Kielce Territory was attacked by the village of Antonielów, which was inhabited by German invaders. 18 Germans died in battle, 3 farms were burned.”

1944 – NIEŻKOWICE near Waśniów: a partisan unit called “Białe Barwy” was stationed at the crossroads. A group of a dozen cops and dark blue cops riding bicycles. They pick up people who avoid mandatory work in the villages. Some of them are already walking with the police. Units are not ready to fight (weapons cleaned), but do fight anyway.

Finally, those who were caught were released. The navy blue police were the first to withdraw from the battlefield. The police fled, leaving two people dead. A navy blue policeman was also injured (he died in hospital), and five other police officers were injured. Partisans captured several rifles and pistols and 7 bicycles. Henryk Derfel “Pens” was injured and died.


1794 – the first edition of the “Gazeta Wolna Warszawska”, the official organ of the Kościuszko Uprising, was published.

1867 – the first screening of Jan Matejko’s painting Alchemik Sędziwój by Jan Matejko took place at the headquarters of the Scientific Society of Krakow.

1915 – Jasna Góra was founded as an enclave under Austro-Hungarian rule, separate from the territories occupied by Germany.

1920 – Polish troops captured ytopierz, Korosteń and Radomyśl. Józef Piłsudski issued an appeal to the Ukrainian population, in which he wrote I believe that the Ukrainian nation will use all its strength to fight for its own freedom with the help of the Republic of Poland.

1943 – the daring escape from KL Auschwitz by Captain Witold Pilecki, the founder of the resistance movement in the camp, and he provided the Polish Underground State authorities with materials about the situation in the camp, incl. within the scope of Germany’s policy of extermination of the Poles and Jews.

[1945[1945 – the partisan unit of the main Dekutowski pseudo-Hieronym. The “dam” was taken over by Janów Lubelski, destroying, among other things, the Civil Militia Post and the release of political prisoners.


12.00 – Warsaw: celebration of the International Union of Soldiers of the Homeland Army, in commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the change of the name of the Union of Armed Struggle to the Army of the Interior

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