MP PiS responds to Elon Musk. He called Biden

Elon Musk, as one of many, at the end of March signed a letter of intent Future of Life Institute, appeals to the environment for a six-month break working on the development of artificial intelligence. The idea is to better prepare successors to the GPT-4 language model, which since its inception in 2023 has been both fun and annoying (Michal Kosinski of Stanford University says in this context: “Yes, I think AI can take control of other people and computers”). Now a group of 12 Members of the European Parliament have asked world leaders to convene a special summit dedicated to AI.

PiS MEP responds to Musk. “We need clear rules”

Weeks after the publication of the engineer and billionaire’s open letter, lawmakers took up the matter. Twelve members working on EU technology rules were named in a similar letter Ursula Von Der Leyen (chair of the European Commission) i Joe Bidento convene an international summit on this issue, because, as they say, “technology is developing too fast.” Among these 12 deputies is also the representative of Poland – Kosma Złotowksi (PiS). In EP, he sits on the Transport and Tourism Committee, Petitions Committee and Delegation to the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly.

– The rapid and uncontrolled development of technology is a huge social, economic and legal challenge. In recent months, we have observed new examples of the use of artificial intelligence, which are generating enthusiasm, but also raising concerns about whether our rights as users and consumers of these tools will be properly protected, he said in an interview with PAP. – But fueling the fear of innovation is a path to nowhere. We need clear regulations that will oblige manufacturers and distributors of AI-based products and services to anticipate and minimize threats to our health, safety or personal data – he added.

He revealed that lawmakers would expect “minimum standards for creating credible artificial intelligence” to be determined during the proposed summit. What’s more, the letter also includes a call to democratic and non-democratic countries, arguing for “restraint in the pursuit of all-powerful AI.” The 12 Members of the European Parliament signed the letter as rapporteurs to the AI ​​Act – the EP Artificial Intelligence Act.

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