Musk asked Twitter users: Should I resign?

– Should I resign as head of Twitter, asked Musk voting post on Twitter. The user simply answers yes or no.

Within an hour, some 3.6 million had voted – 58 percent of them wanting him to resign. Musk has yet to say how the company will be managed and what his role will be if he “loses” the vote.

– Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it, wrote Musk further. When a user commented that he thought Musk already had a new CEO and wanted to be chairman instead and tweeted, Musk replied:

– Nobody wants that job, which is really what keeps Twitter alive. There are no heirs.

It has taken over Twitter and Musk – the world’s richest man – since he bought social media for 44 billion dollars. A number of employees were laid off. Musk himself partially manages the business in detail, and recently several journalists have been locked out. According to Musk, this is temporary and because they have broken rules about sharing information about the whereabouts of others.

Many have threatened to leave Twitter after Musk took over, and few of them have taken the threats seriously. When it was also banned on Sunday to link to a number of other social media outlets – especially to competing services – it was the final straw for many.


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