Mynař held a press conference, he didn’t say anything about the president’s health

Chancellor Vratislav Mynář held a press conference, but said nothing about President Miloš Zeman’s health. “It’s impossible to tell without his consent,” only the chancellor said.

He attacked Senate President Miloš Vystrčil, who requested information about the president’s health from the Palace and military hospitals.

“The media game called by the President of the Senate in his letter to provide information to the office is to serve as usual just for visibility. I have never experienced so much hypocrisy in the President of the Senate,” Mynář said.

He added that the president’s family and surroundings urged him to heed the recommendation to return to the hospital. “The president decided to hospitalize himself,” added the chancellor. He denied that Miloš Zeman was unconscious during his transfer to the hospital.

The Chancellor further stated that he was personally present when the president signed the decision at the hospital to hold a meeting of the Chamber of Deputies.

Senate Chief Miloš Vystrčil received a report Monday from the Central Military Hospital on the state of the president’s health and his ability to hold office. Vystrčil intends to publish the basic information of the report after the meeting of the organizing committee members, which was held at 4 pm.

Vystrčil wants to consult with legal experts, including on the protection of personal data, “what can and cannot be published”.

A meeting of the organizing committee members was held at the hospital report at 4 p.m., member and chairman of the SEN 21 and Pirates faction, Václav Láska, told TK. Until he said, he would not provide any information on this matter.

On Friday, on behalf of the chairman of the upper house, he asked the hospital and Zavorala about the president’s state of health and expected further developments in relation to his ability to hold the post of head of state. The reason for the request was the lack of clarity about the health condition of Zeman, who was hospitalized again last Sunday after three weeks.

The director of VN, Miroslav Zavoral, who is the doctor who treated Zeman, confirmed the president’s transfer to the intensive care unit on the same day due to complications that accompany his chronic illness. He did not give a definite diagnosis to the media as Zeman disagreed.

Senators want to know what the president will look like in his next steps and what his prognosis is in terms of his function as head of state. The information is important for possible negotiations on transferring presidential powers to other constitutional officials as long as Zeman is unwell. This step is only possible with the approval of both chambers of parliament.

The term of the Chamber of Deputies ends this week, and the lower house will meet in post-election composition on November 8. After his inaugural meeting, incumbent Prime Minister Andrej Babi (YES) will present the resignation of the current government to the President. Until then, according to senators, the president is not needed in post-election negotiations to build a new cabinet.

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