Naute kids are forever free and free, the great Kerbal is still free

The night may be over, but the digital Epic Store continues to spread the damage. What we have now is the Kerbal Space Program cosmic simulator, which is one of the titles we often cite as an example of how cover games can be smart and they can not only entertain, but also teach something.

Kerbal, thanks to its cute little cosmonaut character, looks like a Vuko program for kids between the ages of five and eight at first glance, but nothing could be further from the truth. Under such a childish shell, there is a mechanism so complex that even NASA agency employee and SpaceX company founder Elon Musk has words of praise for it.

The goal of the game is understandable, but really it’s about building the most efficient spaceship and sending hundreds of green aliens into outer space. Kerbal perfectly simulates Newton’s body in the atmosphere and vacuum, so moving through the game space is a completely fantastic experience. Intended for all star hair lovers regardless of age, including the professional public. On the one hand, children can easily learn how inertia or gravity works in them, on the other hand, it inspires technically distant people to create their own children’s rocket counter (see link n). An official copy should be released immediately (see link), this will not affect the value of the prize in any way.

You can download games to your library at these links, it will remain below, and you should contact the company by January 12, when it will be replaced by another game in the offer. And while you’re at it, pick up Aikos Choice, the standalone data disc for the incredible Shadow Tactics strategy, in your library. By the way, Epic also expanded this last year, so every user has the whole suite at their disposal.

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