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The giant USS Gerald R. Ford arrived in Oslo on Wednesday this week.

After two days in the capital, the world’s largest warship was ready to sail again and head north VG. There, the crew, 4,500 American troops, will train with Norwegian and allied troops in the high seas area of ​​northern Norway.

based on NRK the ship will participate in Exercise Arctic Challenge in the Vesterålen area.

Big concern

The ship and especially its crew nearly capsized Oslo when it arrived in the capital on Tuesday. Many flocked along the Oslo Fjords in pursuit of the arrival of the 330 meter long ship. Several nightclubs, including bar Heidis Bier and Lawo terrasse, extended their opening hours and accepted US dollars as currency.

Tore Strømøy took to Twitter and joked that the future of his program, Tore på sporet, was saved by the visit, as a result of all the men going to town in Oslo.

Nettavisen chatted with some of the American soldiers who arrived in Oslo on Tuesday afternoon, after the world’s largest ship, the USS Gerald R. Ford, docked in the capital. Some have plans to explore the nightlife on Wednesday night.

Become the topic of “The Debate”

Sexologist Maria Ebbestad thought the visit was a great opportunity to dream about an American soldier.

Still, American soldiers have to be a bit careful. We Norwegians are terrible at using condoms, report sexologists.

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– If you’re American and want to be a little careful, you should take a condom or two with you, he says.

Not everyone is equally pleased with the ship’s arrival.

One of them was documentary filmmaker and former NRK journalist Erling Borgen, who called the ship’s presence “solicitation of war”. He criticized media coverage of the arrival of the warships, missing critical questions.

It came out on Thursday’s “The Debate” program.

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