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It was a tough and balanced start to a match between two star-studded teams. Eventually, though, Sweden got a bigger grip on the game.

One of the reasons was that the Netherlands had to change their captain and goalkeeper, Sari van Veenendaal.

He and two other Dutch players were swept up during the Swedish attack after ten minutes of play. The keeper appeared to be holding his shoulder, and had to be substituted minutes after the attack.

Dutch blow. Van Veenendaal was named the world’s best goalkeeper in 2017 and 2019 and is one of the important players of the team. He also cried when he had to leave the field.

Coming ten years younger is Daphne van Domselaar with only one international cap on her CV. Chelsea defender Aniek Nouwen is also sidelined with a knee injury.

The Dutch captain and goalkeeper, Sari van Veenendaal, had to be replaced.


Decent leadership

Then, after 36 minutes played, the Swedes were able to unleash their joy as Chelsea star Jonna Andersson put the team ahead of the reigning European champions. At that time, Sweden already had several opportunities.

Thus, the Swedish team could reach the break with a decent 1-0 advantage after the first half started in a draw, but where Sweden took over most of the game. But the Netherlands did not give up in this fight at all.

The match continued at the same high pace after the break. The Dutch have mustered their strengths and proved a bit sharper than in the first half. After several chances for the Netherlands, it was finally Wolfsburg’s Jill Roord who put the ball into the Swedish goal in the 52nd minute.

Sweden have not always had a margin with them in EC, despite the fact that they are considered one of the best national teams in the world. Will they be able to hold off on the EC winner from 2017?

– We faced stiff opposition

The struggling Swedes at least had more of the game in the final 20 minutes. But despite some good Sweden chances in stoppage time, the match ended 1-1. Thus, group C became very even after the first game was played. All the teams are one point each after Portugal and Switzerland also drew last night.

– We are facing a tough opponent, it’s the Netherlands. “It shows how well we have done in the past when we were favorites in games like this, we have never done it before,” Kosovo Asllani, who did the preparatory work for Sweden’s goal, told TV4.

– We all want to win the premiership, but if we want to be realistic, we will face a very strong team, he added.

Thus, the battle to get ahead of the group completely opened up.

Coincidentally, a spectator record was set in the match. Never before have 21,342 spectators attended a women’s European Championship match that did not involve the host nation.

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