New BMW M2 confirmed – arrives in 2023, engine and brakes donate bigger M4

Compact dimensions and powerful engine under the hood. Fun chassis and reasonable weight. All of these, apart from everyday usability, are key features of a driver’s car – and the BMW M2 has all of these features. The next version and quite possibly the last non-electric version goes on sale next year.

The last of its kind

photo: BMW

The new BMW M2 will likely be the last BMW “em” that can only handle an internal combustion engine and without the aid of an electric motor. Make sure it’s a future classic!

The automotive public agrees that this is one of the best BMWs to date – if not the best. No wonder after the BMW M2 or M2 Competition and then the M2 CS, it’s just dusty. Start preparing savings, we will see a new generation next year!

The BMW M2, dubbed the G87 generation, will go down in history as the last BMW with the “world’s strongest letter”, which will drive exclusively the internal combustion engine without the aid of an electric motor.


photo: BMW

Under the hood of a relatively compact coupe, the guys from BMW decided to “fill in” the powertrain and other key components of the larger M4 – a 3.0-liter in-line six-cylinder twin-turbo, rumbling around 450 horsepower.

As we know, the assistance of an electric motor can greatly support the performance of a car, as some hybrid supersports have done. However, for a pure driving experience, fans opt for the traditional driving variant. And this should be provided on the next-generation M2 by the supercharged 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder S58 from the BMW M4!

Will there be more good news? But of course – the next M2, as well as the current generation, will be available exclusively with rear-wheel drive. Apart from that, there will still be an old-fashioned but fantastic manual transmission on offer. However, BMW of course admits that an eight-speed automatic converter will also be available for the slackers.

Should we look forward to it?

photo: BMW

The technology of the big M4 in the compact body of the M2 promises excellent dynamics and, above all, a lot of fun – a big engine in a small car is almost a surefire recipe

A great concept combined with ideal dimensions, a powerful “em-four” engine, a pleasing chassis and a precise transmission promise that the M2 will once again be a fantastic driving tool your grandchildren will envy. There’s no doubt that the electrified M2 of the future is going to be awesome too, but you know what it’s like – it just won’t be “that anymore”.


photo: BMW

Car manufacturers are currently buying it up to certain technical data, but the already basic M2 will be at the level of the still top M2 CS. It is possible that the new M2 will also experience a special “out of stock” variant

Not a word has been said about the performance specs yet, it’s still too early for them – proof of that is the car in the photos, which bears the signature camouflage of a development prototype. However, the people of Munich claim that the performance of the “standard” M2 should be on par with the top version of the previous generation, namely the CS variant – one hundred in 4 seconds and a maximum of up to 280 km. / h.

Equipment and technology

In addition to the M4 powertrain, BMW has also promised us big brother brakes in the new M2, which is undoubtedly a logical move. We can also classically rely on carbon parts like the roof or the front seats to reduce weight. Adaptive shock absorbers or a combination of wheels and tires 275/35 R19 up front and 285/30 R20 at the rear may also come from the M4.


In other words, BMW engineers will basically please die-hard fans by taking key components from the M4, putting them under the hood of the smaller number two, creating a prime mover BMW for the 21st century. The BMW M4 already does well on its own, but the technology is in the M2’s compact body – it takes the experience to a whole different level.

The wait won’t take too long – BMW plans to remove the camouflage sticker from the M2 sometime this fall, when the official show takes place. The car will go on sale in the spring of 2023, to be precise around April. However, if you’re interested, we’d rather not delay the order!

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