New coronavirus B.1.640 | the mutation first appeared in the Czech Republic Health News Liberecká Drbna

“Sample was taken from a man on December 29, 2021 for suspected omicron variant, samples of two relatives are also ready for sequencing. Hygiene is now checking the man’s mode of infection,” said the director of the University Hospital Hradec Králové Vladimir Palicka. The hospital provided the data to the Institute of Molecular Genetics of the Academy of Sciences.

The B.1,640 variant was first detected in the Republic of the Congo in September 2021, and has since been detected in various countries in less than four hundred cases, most of which were reported from France. “We’ll have to look at these and other options, but there’s no reason to worry about these options.” a virus variant expert told DPA Richard Neher from the Swiss University of Basel.

The World Health Organization distinguishes three categories for potentially dangerous coronavirus variants: concerns, options to consider, and options to consider. B.1,640 therefore falls into the third category, along with the other two, while omicron, which is coming into force in a growing number of countries, falls into the first category. Seventeen variants monitored by WHO since the start of the pandemic have either had a short lifespan or have been shown to be unsafe and are no longer receiving special attention.

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