New entertainment. Pavlíkov boasts a pitch where football is played

The history of soccer golf in the Czech Republic began in the fall of 2013, when the Czech Football Golf Association – CFGA was founded, which became a member of the World Football Golf Association – WFGA. In November, construction of the first professional and amateur level soccer golf courses began near Rumburk with quality facilities to host international tournaments.

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The first playground opened on 30 May 2014 in Dymník near Rumburk with the participation of FAČR General Secretary Rudolf Řepka.

At the end of 2014, this national championship was included in the ranks of the WFGA TOUR tournaments, and since 2015 it has become one of the seven most prestigious tournaments in the world. In January 2015, CFGA managed to win the bid for the 2015 World Cup which took place from 21 August to 23 August 2015 at the Fotbalpark Dymník!

A year earlier, the Czech Republic’s first international championship took place at Fotbalpark Dymník in which 101 players from the children’s, women’s and men’s categories took part. The tournament was attended by players from six countries, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and Brazil. The second MČR Czech Open 2015 is included in the WFGA circuit and it should be noted that the youngest entrant is eight years old and the oldest is 80 years old!

In 2021, the biggest event, the world championship, is being held again in the Czech Republic.

As for the best players, the list is very long, because a new generation is coming. According to last year’s final table, they were Milan Cvrček, Milan Mašín (both Slavia Prague), Tomáš Toth (Interobal Plzeň), Josef Šnídl (Atlantic Pavlíkov), Lukáš Čeřovský (Liberec), this year Pavlíkov’s two players Milan Berecz and Radek Semerád are at the top, before Michal Vyskočil of Scorpions Rumburk.

Land is available

And how did the golf ball get to Rakovnicko? “In 2016, together with Pepa Šnídl, who discovered this sport, we started traveling around playgrounds and tournaments. There we met CFGA president Tomáš Neuman (Central Bohemian head of football), who is behind the development of football golf in the Czech Republic,” said Jaroslav Červený, chairman of association FotbalPark Pavlíkov.

“Tomáš Neumann is building playgrounds throughout the Czech Republic and already in Slovakia. In the fall of 2016, we approached him with the question of whether he would also build a playground in Rakovník. The word gave the word. I chose a plot of land, which was given to us thanks to a representative Pavlíkov and Všetat, and construction started. At first it was not easy at all, especially because of the severe dry season. Instead of opening in the summer of 2017, the opening was extended to May 2018,” added Jaroslav Červený.

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Work here for a few more years, big plans. For example building a sports-relaxation and recreation center for the wider Rakovnick area.

FotbalPark Pavlíkov has two 18-hole courses and is located on an area of ​​4.5 hectares. The first pitch is PROFI, the second is FUN. Both take advantage of the unevenness of the terrain, the existing trees and are equipped with several artificial obstacles. Year after year, thanks to the care of local players, of course it gets better. Playgrounds and their facilities can offer enjoyment to the general public, schools and companies.

In May 2022, the first Major in the Football Golf League was held in Pavlíkov. You can also try soccer golf, besides Pavlíkov, there are also courses in Dymník (the world’s largest), Litomyšl, Prague, Hluboká nad Vltavou, Klatovy, Liberec, Nebeská Rybná, Rybí and, starting this year, in Radonice and Pilsen. They are preparing in Brno, Hradec Králové and Humpolec.

Interesting facts about golf football
What’s that? An affordable sport for families that combines football and golf.
How long will it take to play? About 100 to 150 minutes.
Do you have to have a license? No, a group of six players is sufficient.
Is there an umbrella organization? Yes, in the Czech Republic and in the world.



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