New episode of ICT Norway podcast “Digital dilemmas”

The podcast “Digital dilemmas” is about dilemmas that arise at the intersection of technology, sustainability, and politics. Episode 7 is about cryptocurrency from a sustainability perspective.

The podcast host is Mali Hole Skogen, Director of Technology and Sustainability at ICT Norway. Every week, he invites leading experts on exciting topics in the tech world to talk about the “Digital Dilemma.”

Because it is precisely about the digital dilemma, we also don’t have to choose as an organization, or as some members of ICT Norway, we don’t have to agree with one and all. Opinion-sharing and civilized conversation about difficult matters is always a good thing.

Episode 7 of “Digital Dilemmas” is about cryptocurrencies from a sustainability perspective. Can cryptocurrencies contribute to solving the UN’s sustainability goals, is one of the many issues under discussion.

In the new episode participate Torbjørn Bull Jenssenmy CEO Mysterious Cryptoand Erik Dale, the man in the back Crypto for the whole KingdomNorway’s largest common arena for Bitcoin and future finance

Watch episode 7 here or on Apple Podcasts.

We release a new episode of “Digital Dilemma” every Thursday through the summer.

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