New exhibitions in Central Bohemia: Dobříš and Konopiště attract visitors

With the arrival of spring, new expositions or exhibitions will “bloom” in many museums. Linda Dlouhá of the Central Bohemian Tourist Board offers invitations to several institutions that have prepared news for the new season.


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“They go to the palace in Dobříš or Konopiště or to the museum in Roztoky, Netvořice or Jesenice. František Hrubín memorial hall in Lešany or Dr. Alice G. Masaryková in Lany. Guides will guide visitors to the open-air museum in Vysoké Chlumec through the residence of ikov, “He carries a tip where to advise you to plan a trip. However, he stresses that news is being planned elsewhere in Central Bohemia. “Visitors will also fully enjoy the exposure created in recent years by the coronavirus pandemic and related restrictions,” he said. .

A new spectacle inside and out

Especially Dlouhá remembers a multimedia archaeological exposition called Archevita – traces of the times, which the Central Bohemian Museum will offer in Roztoky near Prague. By allowing history to be felt by all the senses, seeing the presets filled in, seeing how the ax was made or how it used to be traded. All in modern guise; equipped with projection, hologram and virtual reality. The grand opening is planned as a full weekend event from April 22 to 24, when there will also be a Friday concert by Dan Bárta and Václav “Noid” Bárta. At the same time, they share more than just the same surname: they both describe the characters who will enliven the exhibition in holographic form: Dan from the Stone and Noid Ages as Bronze Age potters. And Magic World of Fans is now on display at Roztoky; with the start of the weekend, Bee and in the Garden exhibitions will be added! Karel Havlíček’s World.

A recently renovated French garden with citrus plants will open to chateau Dobříš for visitors from May. “Currently, the venue houses the Water and Forest exhibition, aimed primarily at children,” Dlouhá reminds. He also drew attention to plans for the creation of a gallery by the legendary mole’s wife, Emilie Milerová. “The exhibition in the chateau itself is currently closed due to reconstruction,” he added.

PHOTO: Faces with Japanese features should also attract visitors to Central Bohemia

The novelty of chateau Konopiště this year is a night tour of aristocratic entertainment and celebration. This will show how the aristocracy spends its free time – even visiting inaccessible areas during regular tours. Non-traditional tours are planned every Wednesday from April to the end of November.

The newly renovated exhibition also attracts visitors. For example, the National History Museum in Jesenice in the Rakovník region offers a treasure trove of medieval fortresses and castles in the Jesenice region, which were introduced for the first time in 2020, but whose presence was violated by coronavirus rules. And completely new, so far this week, there’s a Nature and People exhibition in the Jesenice Region. From May, the City Museum at Netvořice in the Benešov region will open a newly reconstructed exhibition – and the offer from the František Hrubín Memorial Hall is renewed near Lešany. The memory of the poet’s childhood spent here is already interesting: the form of a large folder with the text of the manuscript Hrubín Lešanské jesličky. In Lány, on the border of Kladno and Rakovnicko, you can visit Dr. The reconstructed Memorial Hall began May 28. Alice G. Masaryk and the Czech Red Cross.

Show what the building will change

As a tip for an April trip, Jakub Kulhánek, Head of Marketing at the Central Bohemian Tourist Board, offers a visit to the Sázava Monastery on the border of the Benešov and Kutná Hora regions. “The neo-renaissance tower and gothic crypt will undergo reconstruction from June, so the monastery administration has prepared their special tour,” he recalled. With that fact, apart from presenting the current situation, there will also be plans for the future.

Závist opida area near Dolní Břežany.

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The open-air museum at Vysoké Chlumec in the Příbram region will again offer visitors a number of attractions during a guided tour of a sprawling log house from ikov, which was moved to an open-air museum in 2020. It features a functional fireplace, historic anvil and a blacksmith exhibit,” said Dlouha.

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