New report in Congress: Soviets allegedly at war with UFOs and “aliens” killed at least two pilots

Perhaps even with this summer, more stories will emerge from the US Congress about UFO penetration on Earth. Early last week, at a hearing there about the phenomenon commonly referred to by its acronym UFO, a former Secret Service employee testified that the US government has a long-term secret program dealing with the collection and reproduction of unidentified flying objects. origin. On Sunday, a Fox News server was tipped off that written report by investigative journalist George Knapp, who claimed under oath that in the 1990s, Russian officers described to him a series of encounters, even armed, between the Soviet Air Force and UFOs. , also scheduled for a special congressional hearing on Wednesday. In some cases, Soviet pilots are said to have not survived encounters with UFOs.

By 1993, Russian and Soviet aircraft had encountered UFOs in nearly fifty engagements, said Knapp, citing private conversations with senior Russian air force officers whom he interviewed in the mid-1990s. In these three incidents, it is said that Russian and, by extension, Soviet aircraft were shot down and at least two pilots were killed in the incidents. According to Fox News Knapp also based his findings on secret documents he managed to smuggle out of Russia. Fox published the original alleged case on its website.

Knapp claims that in one incident, a UFO even approached a Soviet missile base and launched a series of intercontinental missile launches aimed at the United States. But the UFO is said to have suddenly disappeared and the rocket launch and the third world war that followed did not happen in the end. In response to these cases, according to Knapp, the Soviets launched an extensive ten-year program to monitor and record UFO contacts. Knapp, who is said to have previously spoken directly to the Soviet program chief about everything, said that this was “probably the largest UFO investigation ever undertaken”, considering thousands of different incidents.

Knapp was giving his testimony to the US Congress as part of a hearing Wednesday that primarily focused on the testimony of former US Air Force officer and whistleblower David Grusch, who he said was part of a working group at the Pentagon dealing with UFO sightings. According to Grusch, the US government is systematically covering up a long-term program to collect and study flying objects of unknown origin. He had never seen such a machine himself and had no access to the alleged covert operation, but he is said to have been convinced by forty different witnesses that it existed.

The US Department of Defense refutes claims about the secret collection of alien technology. His spokesman said internal investigators found no evidence that such a program existed either currently or in the past.

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