News about the Ukrainian army leaked. This is a power that no one else in Europe has, said Bříza

“Today, the war is most similar to the First World War, namely trench warfare. I don’t want it to sound insulting to the victims we see in Ukraine – and we see them every day. In essence, there were more casualties than when this phase was dynamic,” he describes the current state of the fighting in Ukraine, security analyst Vlastislav Bříza. According to him, the Ukrainian offensive will begin soon and may surprise some.

Highlights of Aktuálně.cz – Vlastislav Bříza | Video: Jakub Zuzanek

“It looks like we are weeks away from starting the offensive,” Vlastislav Bryza, an expert on international relations and nuclear weapons, predicted the advance of the Ukrainian army, which he said would employ tactics we haven’t seen for decades. “The center should be the mechanized brigade, which must successfully break through to the enemy’s rear,” explains the expert.

According to him, at the moment the Ukrainian army is superior to the Russian in terms of the quality of ground units. “From the classified information leaked from the Pentagon, it follows that Ukraine has built twelve mechanized brigades at the moment. This is a great power that no European army has,” said Bříza. But he added that what Ukraine still lacks is sufficiently modern weapons: “However, the situation is partially changing.”

And is there any reason to fear the use of nuclear weapons? According to the analyst, it is necessary to realize that there are not two nuclear superpowers facing each other, but only one against a country without nuclear weapons. “This is actually a more difficult situation for Russia, because even if they use tactical nuclear weapons, they will be held accountable worldwide,” added Bříza.

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