News from 5 am – War in Ukraine: can conflict cause global hunger?

The consequences of the Russo-Ukrainian war soon on our plates? In France, there is still no complete news, on the other side, on the other side of the Mediterranean, in Tunisia, rationing starts. The Tunis authorities have decided to establish rations for flour consumption.

Queues are starting to form as Tunisian bakers are now forced to count, measure and weigh the exact amount of flour used for their baguettes. “No flour. We have (reserves, editorial notes) for a month, once done, we have to close for five to six days“, estimates Khaled, the baker on the RTL microphone.

by his side, Tunisian government claims to have made enough stock to last until next June. A statement that is less convincing for consumers, such as Boren. “What I’m worried about is drought. National production won’t be available for consumption until July or August. This scares everyone,” he said.

The crisis is even worse for farmers who depend on cereals, barley and soybeans, all imported from the two warring nations. In his half-empty barn, Abdelaziz saw desperate peasants pass by. “I’ve been waiting two weeks for it to be delivered. In the past we had a quota of 400g of cereal per animal, now we only receive 220g. As a result, animals starve to death”, he laments. All these shortfalls are driving up prices while inflation is currently over 6%.

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