News, Kongsberg agenda | The prestigious techno prize will be presented at this year’s Kongsberg Agenda

The Kongsberg Agenda is taking place in its 25th week and will be a national meeting place for “everyone with a heart for the technologies and solutions of tomorrow”.

Over the course of several intense days, like last year, there will be plenty of offers and activities for both professionals and business leaders, students, entrepreneurs, children and youth.

Planning is progressing smoothly, and what is clear is that Ukeblad technicians have chosen to place the presentation of the prestigious Norwegian Technology Award on the Kongsberg Agenda, 21 June 2023.

They will also further develop the award together with the Kongsberg Agenda.

– Big events for the tech community

The Norweigan Technology Prize has been awarded, in various formats, since 2000. The collaboration with Agenda Kongsberg provides a great new opportunity to really make this a grand event for the entire Norwegian technology community, wrote Kongsberg Næringsforum in a press release.

Candidates nominated for the award must represent good engineering solutions, projects or breakthroughs in technological or social issues. The technology or solution should be developed primarily in Norway and documented with at least a completed pilot/prototype or delivery plant.

– The Norwegian Technology Prize is at the heart of the Kongsberg Agenda, and therefore we see it as a natural arena for awarding the award, says managing director and editor-in-charge at Teknikk Ukeblad Media, Jan M. Moberg in a press release.

Moberh hopes and believes that together they will strengthen their ambition to promote knowledge of what Norwegian technology can contribute to the world.

– We are impressed with what the Kongsberg Agenda has accomplished in 2022 and we think it is great that this event continues. Norway needs to be aware of the possibilities of future technology, says Moberg.

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– Celebrate and honor

Hosting the award-giving technology giveaway is a major step in the right direction for the Kongsberg Agenda, wrote the Kongsberg Næringsforum in a press release.

– This is the goal of the Kongsberg Agenda, to create a meeting place where technology, value creation and expertise can take center stage and be elevated and advanced, said current Kongsberg Business Forum leader and project manager for the Kongsberg Agenda, Wivi-Ann Bamrud.

He added that they were looking forward to the collaboration with Teknikk Ukeblad and hoped to make the award ceremony a grand event where outstanding technological achievements could be celebrated and honored.

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