News, Sports | Maren Lundby jumps 212.5 meters: – Doubts must now be dispelled

Heading into this weekend’s historic ski flying race, Clas Brede jump manager Bråthen must answer critical voices. Now he thought they should shut up for good.

On Saturday, Maren Lundby and the rest of the world’s elite in the women’s team completed their first three ski jumps at Vikersundbakken. The session had historic buzz about it. The battle for access to the world’s largest ski jump has been raging for years.

The 15 athletes who set off for Vikersundbakken offer several long runs. Recent Canadian world champion Alexandre Louitt has jumped the furthest with 222 meters and secured the world record. Maren Lundby follows with 212.5 after minutes of best rating.

On his Facebook profile, Maren Lundby wrote: 212.5 m – Vikersund’s first day must have been more fun

All jumps are performed safely.

– The girls silenced the critics. Those who are still against the flying ski-jumping girl must have a completely different argument than the one they used so far, says Clas Brede jumping manager Bråthen.

Critical voice

In the sunny weather of Vikersund, Bråthen immediately said “yes” whether he should deal with critical and concerned voices to this weekend’s historic milestone.

– In what way did they express it?

– Orally. By saying they were worried. When I ask what it’s for, I haven’t gotten a good answer. There may be some who still doubt whether the girls could withstand the 245 meter jump, because they haven’t done it yet, but I feel those doubts should now go away, said Bråthen.

When asked who was responsible for the noises, boss jumper replied that he didn’t want to associate with anyone. He is more concerned with looking ahead.

– From now on, we just have to continue to develop the girls to be of greater value in the jumping show than they have been until now.

National team coach Christian Meyer also made it clear that any critics must now start giving up their arguments.

– It’s getting thinner now. It gets a little difficult for them. They might find something, and they should keep at it. Their numbers are getting smaller, he told NTB.

– Take a bowl

The main character smiles after mastering the ski-flying slopes at Heggenåsen. Silje Opseth jumped 194 as the longest on Saturday and believes critics have a clear answer to the accusations.

– It’s nice to finally show them that they were wrong. We can actually ski. It shows today, said jumper Holeværingen – and added:

– Sorry, critic. Take yourself a bowl.

Maren Lundby is also happy to refute all skeptics.

– It just goes to show that we really deserve this opportunity. Now it’s been years where we haven’t received it, but where we think we should be allowed to jump. It’s great to know that it’s going so well, that everyone’s getting on top of it and it’s such a big jump, he told NTB.

– What do you say to those who still have to be skeptical?

– They should see today’s training and change their opinion. This is proof that they were wrong, said Lundby.

On Sunday, the women’s jumper will perform three new jumps at the Vikersundbakken – one in the test round and two in the historic race. The top 15 in the Raw Air roundup can participate.

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