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In fact, Marie Grova Olsen also worked as a doctor. But not at Telemark Hospital.

– I worked here as a student, he told TA.


He had worked in Oslo, spending 20 years in the US, before returning to his native village of Drangedal in 1996 as the city doctor at 2.

Because of that he also returned to the municipality where his father was also a doctor.

– That’s great, he said.

“It took me a few years, but now I’ve done it. Great. Glad to be able to contribute to do something good for others.

Marie Grova Olsen

Now she is part of an active knitting group that is constantly emerging with important and warm contributions such as hats and blankets.

Most were knitted in Drangedal, but some also came via Larvik.

– There are many sets, and in different sizes. It’s fantastic. This is useful for newborns and premature babies who lose heat from their heads. The best wool, says nurse Nina Grønli, who is deputy department manager and specialist nurse Daniel Topp.

Finish with a blanket

Marie has sent one of the rugs.

– It took me several years, but now I have achieved it. That’s good. It’s great to be able to contribute to doing something good for other people, he said.

Every Tuesday there is a knitting cafe at the Drangedal volunteer center.

– First we go for a walk, then we knit after that, said Marie.

– He’s got a new career, he is now, general manager Trine Østenå joked about his 82 year old fit.

But it’s the solid hard work of many teams, which has allowed Drangedal to continue to deliver results.

And there will definitely be more. – I have patches for two more blankets, says Wenche Kåsene.

And speaking of newborns.

82-year-old Marie Grova Olsen also came into the world in very uncertain times. He was born on April 8, 1940. The day before Germany invaded Norway.

– Those were uncertain times, but not too bad growing up in Drangedal, he stressed.

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