No one can solve the mystery

As early as the 1930s, scientists had noticed that a few white water spots changed the color of the water in the Bahamian ocean – which otherwise became very blue and shallow.

Various samples taken of the spots showed that the spots were caused by an abundance of fine-grained particles rich in carbonates.

However, it is not known why the particles occasionally end up in the water, he wrote NASA Earth Observatory.

The researchers did observe such spots in other seas and lakes around the world. However, they cause confusion as they appear more frequently than usual in the Bahamas.

Several experts have put forward theories and hypotheses about what causes white patches.

– But in reality, there is no scientific consensus on the cause, explains Chuanmin Hu, a marine scientist at the University of South Florida.

Now researchers from the University of Florida are again trying to find an explanation for the freckles that have long caused great confusion, without success.

But they managed to find answers for something else:

Now they know how white spot size relates to the season from 2003 to 2020.

It turns out that the biggest spots appear between March and May. But in the October-December period, they do not appear.

The researchers also managed to find that the spots have an average size of 2.4 square kilometers each.

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