Nokia also produces toilet paper. He became famous by cell phone

It should be emphasized from the outset that toilet paper was known to people long before official birthdays. The oldest records date back to China in the sixth century. However, toilet paper was officially patented on December 22, 1891 by Seth Wheeler of Albany, New York.

He presented his invention as a long strip of paper rolled up on a roll. Thanks to the fact that it is perforated, it allows the user to easily tear off the pieces. For the 130 years mentioned above, manufacturers have experimented with different number of layers, material softness, color, pattern or scent, but there has been no dramatic change in the concept itself.

Toilet paper is also a key product for Nokia, although Fredrik Idestam founded his paper factory even earlier – on May 12, 1865. Coincidentally, he got the name from the Finnish city of Nokia. At first, it produced just plain paper here, but gradually its range expanded to include toilet paper.

In the late 19th century, a rubber processing company owned by Eduard Polón merged with the paper mill. Boots, for example, suddenly appeared in Nokia’s portfolio.

Mobile is the key

In the first half of the 20th century, Nokia, as one of the few companies in the world, decided to manufacture electronic components. From telephones, telegraphs and power lines, the company gradually worked its way into radio stations for the army and rescue services. And this was his first foray into telecommunications in the 1960s.

1967 is considered to be a turning point, because at that time the not-so-significant Nokia began to build a reputation in the world. A separate division dealing with the production of telecommunications equipment was established. At first, everything revolved around network devices. The first phone – the Mobira Senator – was launched in 1982, two years later the famous Mobira Talkman – a portable car phone – appeared.

Senator Mobira

Photo: Nokia

Developments then took a very fast turn, and in the early 1990s, Nokia launched one cell phone after another. This device already resembles the model we know today. Rapid innovation and huge investments in development have paid off – the Finnish company has become the world’s largest manufacturer of mobile phones.

But the company’s management fell asleep with its victory, and at the beginning of the 21st century, the company could not keep up with the smartphone development. Former Nokia boss Jorm Ollila, who ran the company between 1992 and 2006, simply doesn’t believe that people can want anything from a cell phone other than just texting, calling and sometimes playing simple games. And that’s what makes the company fatal.

The popularity of smartphones grew steadily, culminating in 2007, when Apple introduced the world’s first iPhone. It became a complete phenomenon and almost everyone wanted a small smart box that could play music.

Following the model of the original model, the current novelty should be offered in a variety of colors.

Photo: manufacturer archive

Former Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer (left) and former Nokia boss Stephen Elop show the world a joint effort – the Lumia 920 smartphone.

Photo: Reuters

Under the control of Microsoft HMD Global

In 2012, Nokia was removed from the position of most popular mobile phone manufacturer by South Korean competitor Samsung Electronics. This is to reverse the connection with Microsoft and transition to the Windows Phone platform.

But the phenomenal comeback did not happen. The result of this collaboration was the sale of Nokia’s mobile division to the American software giant. He paid exactly 5.44 billion euros (149.4 billion CZK) for the acquisition in 2016. However, the Nokia brand has also not brought Microsoft luck, so the Chinese company HMD Global currently licenses the phone from Nokia.

Finland Nokia continues to operate as a separate entity in its activities. Although it no longer has a cellular division, it specializes in telecommunications infrastructure, for example.

However, fans of this brand still don’t want to accept that this famous brand should disappear from store counters. Here and there a message appears that Nokia is preparing a new phone directly from Finnish production, but company representatives immediately denied it.

Nokia X10 or HMD Global

Photo: manufacturer archive

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