North Korea claims to have tested a spy satellite

The message came a day after the defense forces of South Korea and Japan said North Korea launched two ballistic missiles on Sunday, it wrote Reuters.

According to North Korea’s state news service KCNA, the launch was carried out from a base in the northwest of the country. The aim is to test data transmission, photo capabilities and ground control systems. The satellite-style rocket equipped with a camera, transmitter, receiver and control system was launched into a high orbit and reached an altitude of 500 kilometers, KCNA reported.

– We confirmed important technical indicators, including technologies for shooting in space, said the representative of the country’s space program (NADA). to the state media.

The spokesman said the test was the final milestone towards launching a reconnaissance satellite in April next year.

KCNA also posted low-resolution black-and-white images of the South Korean capital Seoul and the port city of Incheon. The photos were allegedly taken during Sunday’s launch.

In recent months, North Korea has carried out a number of rocket and artillery launches. Some experts believe that the country is trying to develop and expand its weapons arsenal and thereby increase its influence in future negotiations with other countries. North Korea has also launched an intercontinental ballistic missile designed to reach the US mainland.

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