Norway as a paradise for electric cars? In Oslo, maybe, but not in the frozen north for a long time

None for flashlight car

The density of charging stations in the north is ungodly. The dramatically sub-zero temperatures and unpredictable traffic situations, when roads are closed suddenly due to weather, don’t load electric cars either.

Quite often, large American pick-ups are seen here, and when you go shopping there are dozens of petrol or diesel classic cars with engines running in front of department stores. No driver or crew, because he was out shopping and they definitely didn’t want to go back to the frozen car. So they let it run, it’s done pretty normally here. Where has Norway’s famous carbon neutral footprint gone?

In the north of Norway, people notice other interesting things. Namely, a relatively large fleet of snowmobiles. Some go to work, but mostly for fun. I don’t expect them to meet dramatic EU6 emission standards with the appropriate attributes.

Also, the morning walk through the Norwegian port smells not of spring flowers, but of exhaust gases flowing from hundreds of liters of ships of various sizes, which, without any restrictions, release a nice repulsion into the planet’s climate.

I’m trying to figure out how many ships are registered in Norway, and I only found one statistic. It talks about the number 16 – 20,000. However, this is a ship with a length of more than 12 m. Thousands more boats, small fishing boats, passenger boat statistics not included.

So if someone announced to the world that he was saving the planet and trying to be carbon neutral, I would put snowmobiles and boats into that neutrality, and it would be clearer than the sun that electric cars in Norway should be sold twice. as much as possible to offset their emissions.

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