Norway’s Kristin (36) wants to break the world record:

14 highest mountain peaks in the world in the shortest possible time. A life-threatening project. All of the mountain peaks are more than 8,000 meters above sea level, and the goal is to climb the fourteenth in less than six months.

Adventurer Kristin Harila (36) has only three peaks left.

If he succeeds, he will not only be the only one from Scandinavia to do so. He will also be able to adorn himself with world records.

But it’s not dangerous.

Not afraid to die

On July 22, 2022, Harlia stands at the top of K2, one of the most dangerous mountains in the world. Photo: @kristin.harila

He had just returned to Norway for a short trip after climbing what is considered one of the most dangerous mountains in the world, K2. The peak of the mountain towering 8,611 meters above sea level. Many lost their lives in the effort.

When asked what makes someone voluntarily expose themselves to danger, Harila is very clear.

– I’m not worried about death. If I die, I will die happily doing what I like. We will all die one day, so for me it is more important to live while you are alive, he explained.

He still admits that he made plans when he started the project. He has a select person who has been given the task of informing the family of the death if the worst happens, and he has made a farewell video.

– It’s important for me to explain that they know that I died happy, that’s how it happened and that’s okay.

He emphasized again that it was more important for him to do what he wanted in life than to fear death.

Gasherbrum II rises to 8035 m above sea level.  Photo: @kristin.harila

Gasherbrum II rises to 8035 m above sea level. Photo: @kristin.harila

Died on the way up K2

They are constantly reminded how dangerous it really is. Harila tells of John from Iceland who died during the K2 winter expedition a few years ago, and who is still hanging from a rope along the way.

– On almost all mountains, we found bodies from previous expeditions or someone died while we were there.

– For me, it will be a reminder that it is harmless. You know it’s a risk.

At the same time, he insists that you are also used to seeing dead people on the street.

Although Harila herself wasn’t too worried, she knew that there were parents and boyfriends back home in Norway who were nervous on her behalf.

– I understand that they are very worried, but for me it is fine. I myself have no children and no one is responsible for me in that way.

She admits that she probably wouldn’t have traveled if she had children herself.

Important Sherpas

One of the most important things in such a journey is the sherpa. And two Sherpas had been with him on the eleven peaks so far, and who were planning to complete the project with him.

Harila insists that Sherpas are very important to the project, and the two have been with him on the top eleven so far.  Photo: @kristin.harila

Harila insists that Sherpas are very important to the project, and the two have been with him on the top eleven so far. Photo: @kristin.harila

– It’s absolutely impossible to do without them. They are very important to this project and to me.

– They didn’t take me as many people think, but they were there as a team working with me and helping to ensure the trip.

Expensive affair

Not the cheap expeditions that Finnmarkingen did. In total, the entire project costs between NOK five and six million.

Harlia sold her own apartment to help finance the adventure, in addition to sponsorship contributions.

On Wednesday, the trip goes to Tibet for the final stage. Shishapangma at 8013m, Cho Oyu at 8201m, and Manaslu at 8156m kept the world records.

He had to do it before November 4th.

Here are the 14 peaks of the mountain:

Annapurna I – 8091 masl

Dhaulagiri I – 8167

Kanchenjunga – 8586 m

Everest Mountain – 8849 masl

Lhotse – 8516 masl

Makalu – 8463

K2 – 8611

Nanga Parbat – 8126

Gasherbrum I – 8080 masl

Gasherbloom II – 8035 masl

Peak Area – 8051 masl

Shishapangma – 8013

Cho Oyu – 8201 masl

Manaslu – 8156

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