Norwegian Athlete – Athlete accused of exposing children

A Norwegian athlete in his 20s has had to appear in court on charges of exposing an underage girl.

The man for several years played at the top level in his sport and could show more than 100 games at the top level. He also had youth national team matches for Norway.

Two incidents

The indictment against the man describes two separate incidents in which he is said to have exposed himself to four different girls under the age of ten. The two incidents are said to have occurred nearly a year apart.

The first event is said to have occurred on November 27, 2019 at around 4:30 p.m. The man is said to have been sitting in the driver’s seat of his car and through an open window he is said to have exposed his penis to two passing girls.

A year later, the same thing happened again, more precisely on October 21. This time it happened a few hours earlier in the day, but the course of events remained the same.

The man sat in the driver’s seat of the car and through an open window he exposed his penis to two other girls who passed by, the indictment said.

The episode he alleges must have happened in Oslo.

Preparing for Russia’s comeback

– Does not recognize description

The man’s defense lawyer, Gard Lind-Iversen, said his client did not recognize himself in the description that appears in the indictment.

– My client does not acknowledge what is described in the indictment. “Beyond that, I don’t want to comment on the case at this time,” Iversen told Dagbladet.

Police lawyer Camilla Brekke told Dagbladet that the punishment at the time of the crime was a fine or imprisonment of up to 1 year. The law has been changed to a fine or imprisonment of up to 2 years.

– By the way, I have no further comment, wrote Brekke.

The indictment was issued in January and the case is scheduled for two days at the Oslo District Court in September.

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