Norwegian dog wins Craft dog show

The Norwegian Baxer outperformed more than 16,000 other dogs and won “Best in Show” at the world’s largest dog show Crufts this weekend.

– In other words, it is a great achievement to win “Best in Show” in the world’s largest dog scene, wrote Norwegian Kennel Club (NKK).

They congratulated Baxer, a flat-coated retriever, and his Norwegian owner Patrick Oware.

It’s better to die than leave an animal

– Proud

The competition was held this weekend in Birmingham, England.

Patrick Oware interviewed shortly after the winner was announced.

– It’s really amazing. I’m so proud of him, he really is an amazing dog. I have to pay tribute to the farmer, Oware said after the victory.

The six-and-a-half-year-old Baxer from the Almanza stable is co-owned and raised in Sweden by Ragnhild Ulin, according to NKK.

MAN'S BEST FRIEND: Baxer licks happy owner Patrick Oware's face, after this weekend's win.  Photo: Reuters / Molly Darlington

MAN’S BEST FRIEND: Baxer licks happy owner Patrick Oware’s face, after this weekend’s win. Photo: Reuters / Molly Darlington
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Not the first Norwegian

The first “Best in Show” competition was held in 1928.

Since then, there have been very few Norwegian winners, but in 2002, the Norwegian-born white king poodle king won the title.

This is the first time that an overseas competitor has won a prestigious exhibition, writes BBC.

The owner at that time, Kari Glenna, later admitted that he was very surprised by the victory.

– I can hardly believe it. He’s mostly a family dog, not a show dog. I didn’t expect this, said Glenna after King was announced as the winner.

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