Note: Legendary Ukrainian footballer Tymoshuk has become an outcast

The war waged in Ukraine by Russian aggressors affected many lives, he wrote the stories of many heroes. From the world of sports stars, however, he has offered the story of one alleged great betrayal.

From the point of view of the Ukrainian public, on one side of the spectrum are, for example, the Klitschko brothers, former great boxers, or former tennis players Serhiy Stachovsky and Olexandr Dolhopolov, who joined the militia. On the other hand, the sticker was first thrown by a number of his compatriots by former football great Anatoly Tymoshuk.

While in the Czech Republic many fans were surprised that, for example, Czech hockey players in the KHL continued to fight for the Gagarin Cup without a word, in Ukraine, of course, this kind of debate was much more heated.

Someone living outside the pared-down reality of Kiev may feel overwhelmed that the Ukrainian Football Association is now carrying out disciplinary proceedings against former superstar Anatoly Tymoshuk altogether, as he remains in the Russian league as assistant coach of Zenit St. Petersburg and refused to punish the Russian army, the invasion of Ukraine.

However, even after Tymoshuk lost his coaching license for this reason, the titles he won in the Ukrainian league were taken and he was removed from the list of representatives, the case did not end. Documents that appear to be binding acts on the former footballer’s cooperation with the Russian secret service have emerged.

The authenticity of Tymoshuk’s signature on the document has not been verified, but from his role as a public enemy, Tymoshuk in Ukraine may be hard to come by. So if he ever tries again.

At the same time, it is Tymoshuk who has been an icon of Ukrainian football over the years, and the fans adore him, as do Nedvěd, Koller or the Czech micer. This is despite the fact that Tymoshuk plays in a slightly less attractive position, being more withdrawn, particularly as a stopper or defensive midfielder.

He was voted Player of the Year three times in Ukraine, and in one poll, along with phenomenal shooter Andriy Shevchenko and goalkeeper Olexander Shovkovsky, they were named the most important Ukrainian player of the post-Soviet era. He joined the World Cup and Euros in Ukrainian colours, often with the captain’s armband. And in a total of 144 international matches, which is a good portion. For comparison: Goalkeeper Petréch holds the Czech record with 124 starts.

At club level, there is hardly a competition that Tymoshuk would not win. With Shakhtar Donetsk he won the domestic cup, with Zenit St Petersburg he won the Russian one and he also added the UEFA Cup with the European Super Cup. In four seasons in Germany, he has also won, as far as Bayern Munich, including the 2012-13 Champions League, although he watched the Wembley final against Dortmund only from the bench.

The fame of the blonde footballer has even crossed the boundaries of planet Earth. It was then that one of the Zenit championships in which Tymoshuk participated was celebrated by a fan of the team, Russian cosmonaut Yuri Malashchenko, in an unusual way. In space, he waves his Zenit jersey at the camera with the Tymoshuk name tag on his back.

After the football epilogue in Kairat, Kazakhstan, Tymoshuk began his career as a coach. Since 2017 he has worked as an assistant at Zenit St. Petersburg. He collaborated here with Mircea Lucesko, Robert Mancini and now with Sergei Semak. And he alienated the Ukrainian environment during that time.

It must be said that his ex-wife Naďa is also working intensively on this. After the divorce, Tymoshuk’s problems arose from paying alimony. And the angry ex-wife has long provided the media with nourishing quotes about her ex-husband. For example, how he was suspected of secretly smuggling a precious Orthodox icon from Ukraine.

Another time, he said that although Tymoshuk was a native of Lutsk in western Ukraine, he did not like Dynamo Kiev at all, and as a longtime Shakhtar player, he had always stuck to the more Russian-oriented eastern part of the country. “He will never return to Ukraine,” predicted Mrs. Nada several months ago. So far, he seems to be right.

While for example, Andriy Voronin, Tymoshuk’s old teammate of the Ukrainian national team, it is unlikely to continue as assistant coach of Dynamo Moskva after “Russian soldiers destroyed our cities and shot civilians,” Tymoshuk remained silent and remained at Zenit St. Petersburg. In Ukraine, he has been erased from his football history.

Magician of the Week: Jaroslav ilhavý

Photo: Magion149, Message list

Coach ilhav has to say grimly who he missed.

Czech football will be fighting for participation in the World Cup next week, and at the very least next week. In the first playoffs with Sweden, in the case of success with Poland. It had to be an absolute pinnacle, something that had been going on for four years.

Instead, at the nomination press conference, it looked like a funeral party. Which usually follows the funeral. Only here it seems it precedes it. It was then that coach ilhav had to say glumly who was lacking, who was hurt, who no longer wanted to represent… Just who he couldn’t rely on. And the list is very long.

However, the coach had to juggle the nominations. If he really was a magician, he had to do the biggest trick after the weekend. And not to let this funeral atmosphere in the Czech team’s camp. This is the basic prerequisite for the miracle of becoming bigger, progressive.

Intervention of the week

Where are you going, Chelsea? The situation at the big London club after the imposition of sanctions on Roman Abramovic’s property is the main topic of the new episode of the water podium carrier.

We are looking for MS 2023 organizers. If the world hockey team cancels a planned tournament in St. Petersburg, there are two options. Either speed up hosting the Czech World Cup, or offer the tournament to Switzerland, who lost by chance.

Biathlon also helps. The Czech Association takes care of the biathlon hopes from Ukraine.

What are they hitting elsewhere

With Eng before F1 starts. What’s new in the world of Formula 1 before the start of the new season? On Tomas Enge repliedthe only Czech pilot to ever reach the F1 World Championship, with expert Robert Sara in the Premier Class. (

What about Russian tennis players?. “Of course, the victims are Ukrainians, but other victims are athletes from Russia or Belarus if you don’t let them play.” intervene in the debate Czech legend Martina Navrátilová on the possible exclusion of tennis players from the tournament. (New York Time)

Spartan relentless. The 24-hour marathon interviews with the Spartans, their supporters and those around the club are shown on AC Sparta Prague’s YouTube channel. The event included a successful fundraiser to help Ukraine. For those who haven’t watched it, hopefully it will be available soon action notes. (Youtube)

Worrying news also came this week from Slavic football. This concerns the state of health of his boss Jaroslav Tvrdík. As much as I agree with him, we have different views on a number of topics. But this is indifferent now, because each of us has only one health. Of course, I wish Jaroslav Tvrdík a speedy and complete recovery.

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