Nova Lady TV station starts! Bringing pleasant news for women

Nova TV viewers can look forward to the new stations! Starting Monday, the Nova Group thematic station will have a new Nova Lady “nurse”, aimed primarily at a female audience. And that the ladies have something to look forward to!

Nova Cinema, Nova Action, Nova Fun and Nova Gold will be joined on Monday by the all-new Nova Lady station. The newly launched Nova Lady program offering is focused primarily on the news premiere!

Viewers can look forward to successful foreign series, reality shows, and weekend movie deals of various genres designed especially for women.

On the day Nova Lady station starts, the first episode of the romantic comedy series My Sweet Lie will begin at 4:35 p.m. In the afternoon there is another novelty premiere, namely the popular American reality show Welcome Home, where you will see the renovation of several families’ homes.

At 8:30 p.m., you’ll see the first part of the popular social drama Downton Manor on Nova Lady. At 21:40, the premiere of the first two episodes of the American medical series The Good Doctor, with Freddie Highmore in the lead, awaits you.

The novelty of Nova Lady is also the station sound that will accompany the audience as part of the program trailer. They lent Nova Lady Martina astná and Vasil Fridrich stations.

Actress Martina astná has been working at the Na Fidlovačce Theater for several years. But viewers may also know him from some Czech films and series. He has been dubbing for years.

Vasil Fridrich not only works as a theater actor, but he is also known from many Czech films. In addition, Nova TV viewers regularly see him on the popular series Ulice as the successful dentist Luďek Volák.

“I am very happy to have become the male half of the Nova Lady station voice. And I believe that my colleague Martina astn will attract viewers to this program so suggestively that this nascent channel will become one of the most watched,” believes Friedrich.

Complete instructions on how to easily listen to Nova Lady or other Nova TV stations.

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