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The Japanese “anime” drawing style has become very popular in recent years, also here in Norway.

– This is something I did to make time go faster, said the TikTok star.

Jacqueline Korsnes from Norway started drawing about two years ago, and now has nearly half a million followers on the TikTok app.

Now people from all over the world will see him drawing anime.

Jacqueline Korsnes from Norway: – I hope to have a future in drawing. J.

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It all started as a hobby, but his TikTok account exploded.

– I can sit for hours and not be bored. I can stay up all night painting.

Anime is Japanese for animation

Anne Thelle

Anne Thelle: – It is said that the last ten years have been a kind of Japanese boom.

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The word anime is taken from the Japanese language and is an abbreviation of the word animation. In western countries such as Norway, the word specifically refers to the drawing style associated with Japanese animation.

The drawn character has a special expression. Anne Thelle has a doctorate in Japanese studies, and teaches oriental languages ​​at the University of Oslo. Thelle has also written books about anime.

He describes the classic anime as follows:

– There’s something about lines and colors. They are very clear and often have rather large expressive eyes, and colorful hair, he says.

– You recognized him right away.

Furthermore, he said that interest in this drawing style has increased tremendously in recent years.

– It is said that the past ten years have been a kind of Japanese boom. Not only with anime, but also Japanese food, an expression of Japanese culture. There is a surge of interest in Japan.

Pictures from movies "Min Nabo Totoro" from 1988.

My neighbor Totoro from 1988 had a cinema premiere in Norway on 11-04-2016–28 years after its original release.

Photo: Arthaus

From TikTok to be an artist is a dream

Photo by Jacqueline Korsnes.

Photo by Jacqueline Korsnes.

The 17-year-old girl finds it fun for people to like her artwork.
Now he is still in high school, but hopes to continue investing in the arts.

– I really hope so.

– I hope to have a future in drawing. I want to be a tattoo artist, for example, or help make cover art, he concludes.

Jacki's TikTok Art

Dream future: From TikTok to tattoo artist.

Photo: Screenshot from TikTok

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