Oftedal and Norway show off to the European Championship final with a 28-20 handball over France – Denmark next

The gold match will be played on Sunday with returns at 20.30. Montenegro and France received bronze earlier on the same day.

The final winner is guaranteed an Olympic place for the Games in Paris in 2024.

Very rarely has a player dominated so strongly and led the Norwegian national team like Stine Bredal Oftedal did in the first half. He was involved in “everything” in an offense with a score (five) and an initiative that resulted in five free throws. They scored Nora Mørk.

Norway’s defensive game returned to the top level, and that frustrated France.

It was 12-11 to Norway at half time. The goalkeepers battle in the first half ended with Silje Solberg-Østhassel barely ahead of France’s Cléopâtre Darleux.

waiting time

Norway went up to 17-14 early in the second half. It was 20-17 (43.30 minutes). France should be chasing further in the round, but are out of touch.

Goals from championship debutants Sunniva Næs Andersen and Thale Rushfeldt Deila gave Norway a 24-19 buffer.

In the end, Solberg-Østhassel won the goalkeeping match clearly. He ended the game with a great save.

Oftedal was named the best player on the field after his brilliant performance.

In last year’s World Cup final, Norway turned things around against France and won by a landslide. This time too, the Norwegian girls were the best in the last half hour.

Denmark and Norway have not met each other in the final since the 2004 European Championships. Then Norway won 27-25.

Denmark battled to a 27-23 victory over Montenegro in their semifinal on Friday. Earlier in EC, Denmark put away their nightmare nightmare in Norway by winning 31-29 in the main draw after 16 straight defeats since 2014.

23rd time

Norway is poised for its 23rd final in the Olympics, WC or EC. So far, 14 have won and eight lost.

Friday’s semi-final is a meeting between the giants of recent years in women’s handball:

Norway with EC gold in 2020 and last year’s WC title, both having beaten France in the final. The 2021 Olympic gold ends up in the hands of France.

Here are the achievements of EC Norway, the championship was first played in 1994:

* 2020: Gold

* 2018: 5th rank

* 2016: Gold

* 2014: Gold

* 2012: Silver

* 2010: Gold

* 2008: Gold

* 2006: Gold

* 2004: Gold

* 2002: Silver

* 1998: Gold

* 1996: Silver

* 1994: Bronze

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