Olomouc and the calendar disagree. Vítkovice must play despite the health catastrophe

The extra hockey league management rejected Vítkovice’s request for a one-day postponement of the pre-round playoff match against Olomouc due to health concerns of most of the cadre players. As such, the draw continues with today’s 1:1 draw and Tuesday at Haná.

Representatives of Vítkovice requested the postponement of the match on Sunday, the Czech Ice Hockey Association (ČSLH) published a negative decision this morning. “The main reasons for this were a tense pre-round schedule with no more than one day of rest between matches and the fact that in the case of a five-game draw, the last three matches had to be played on three consecutive days,” the union said in a broadcast. pers.

The people of Ostrava also failed because Olomouc did not agree with their proposal. “Approval of the application will only be possible in the case of the opponent’s consent, which will be proof that both teams understand such a procedure, including the associated risks,” added extra league director Josef ezníček.

According to the preliminary preliminary round schedule, which continues to apply, the draw continues today and on Tuesday, a likely fifth decisive match will be played on Thursday. On Saturday, the preliminaries of the quarter-finals are already on the program, in which the winner of this series can intervene.

Representatives of Vítkovice decided to request that the match schedule be postponed due to being disrupted by the virus. There were only two hockey players and two coaches on Sunday. “The team was in absolute silence. Some literally couldn’t get out of bed. High fever, 39 to 40 degrees. I don’t want to be specific, but one player had to be taken away in an ambulance,” sporting director and assistant coach Roman said. Simicek told the club’s website on Sunday.

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