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There was a tense atmosphere in Řečkovice Brno after the district government decided to cover the local brewery’s warehouse with concrete. Historians and residents protested against the closure of the crypt, which will present a proposal to stop work and make a comparative study at the next meeting.

The brewery in Řečkovice was used for centuries to ripen and store beer, during the Second World War the locals hid there during air raids. However, they have not found a new use in recent decades. They are currently dilapidated and not accessible to the public.

Some parts are in such bad condition that they are in danger of collapsing. Above one of the destroyed sections, there is a banquet area where cultural events are held every year. They were the town hall’s biggest motivation for filling the basement with a mix of concrete and ash. If not, the district management should stop cultural activities for safety’s sake. Thus, only a small part of the dungeon will be accessible and the rest will remain buried.

Mayor of Řečkovice Mark Viscot (ČSSD) defend yourself by repairing the oldest and most valuable parts of the dungeon. City Hall will only close the section that was used as a technical space where beer is cooled. “This is a suspension of cement ash thirty or forty centimeters thick, which can also be removed at any time. Therefore, it might be possible to choose another solution in the future, but I can’t imagine that the city district will have the money for it,” explained Viscot v media.

According to the Healthy Řečkovice Association, which openly opposes the town hall plans, the mayor presents a false dilemma. “If the campus is in a dire state, cultural events such as concerts or the St. Lawrence would not last year and this summer.,” pointed out a member of the association Luke Doležal.

We will present a resolution, which was put up at the meeting in mid-December. We demand a suspension of all implementation until the creation of a comparative study, which should offer a softer and more economical rehabilitation of entire dungeons. At this board, we can expect a large public presence in Rechkovice, who disagree with this solution for the remediation of the Rechkovice brewery“, Doležal announced.

Preserving space is also possible according to an expert in the Brno underground Alex Svoboda. “For example, the Mincmistrovský dungeons in the city center were in much worse condition than those in Rechkovice. After being repaired, it is now a tourist attraction,” he explained.

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