Opel Mokka has matured and become more beautiful, but forget the fun, says Honza Koubek

It was shorter, lower and slightly wider. It also has a completely new platform, which was created in collaboration with PSA and is now used by many models of the Stellantis group. It offers combustion and electric drive, but I had to test an almost old school classic: diesel in manual.

It’s a bit odd, but the turbodiesel fifteen isn’t even available with a gearbox other than a manual transmission. You only get the engine to the strongest petrol version. But even though I had to step on the clutch all week and turn the gear lever, the Opel Mokka cheered me on. In fact, that’s why I quite enjoy it. He’s not a sports car and not a terrain player at all, though his straddling stance looks like a buggy from some angles. It rides like a standard little crossover and could actually be a little more comfortable, but I’ve never had a car with a manual that has shifted quite smoothly and accurately for so long and with that I could care less about a smooth ride – that I just had fun.

Most cars today do almost everything for the driver – and that’s good, that’s the goal of the automaker’s endeavour. Most customers want a vehicle that is quiet, comfortable, safe and with minimal effort can get them where they need to go. The minority of us who believe we have learned to drive well is slowly disappearing. Maybe I was almost surprised because it reminded me of a very ordinary car.

When I tried to push the saw a bit and drive faster through my favorite roads, the Mokka was, of course, rebellious and there was no real driving pleasure, but as long as I was driving around town at normal speed, everything worked and I really enjoyed it.

Although I know that normal customers wouldn’t be interested at all. And that’s why, of course, I focus on real life and the most important traffic issues in videos.

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