Ozzy Osbourne wanted to go on tour, but his health prevented him from doing so

Ozzy Osbourne visited American radio station SiriusXM as part of promotion for his upcoming tour. There he expressed concern that he would eventually have to blow the whistle across the line. He was suffering from serious health problems. “My head is fine, I’m still creative, I can sing too, I’m just having trouble walking now,” Osbourne conceded.

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Her words are confirmed by recent paparazzi photos of her with a cane. It was more than clear from his demeanor that he had great difficulty walking. “It’s not easy for me to say this, but life has become very frustrating for me. One stupid thing happened and it could ruin everything. I’ve never been this sick before.” I’m a musician, who had spinal surgery in June.

“Otherwise, I’m in danger of being paralyzed from the neck down,” Osbourne further revealed. Doctors replaced the screws that were inserted into his body after a car crash in 2003.

The singer will kick off her long-delayed tour next year. It should also include a concert at Prague’s O2 arena, scheduled for May 19. But whether that will happen is now a question. Osbourne’s last appearance was on 31 December 2018.

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