Include Xela in your trip to Gatemala

Include Xela in your trip to Gatemala

Quetzaltenango, or Xela (pronounced sheh-la ) for short, might be Guatemala’s second largest city, but it offers something completely different from the country’s capital.

With a more relaxed atmosphere, a smaller scale and an incredible location high in the Guatemalan highlands, there are countless reasons to add the city to your Guatemalan itinerary.

It is the base for some of Guatemala’s best multi-day treks.

The Guatemalan highlands are nirvana for hikers, with so many volcanoes to climb that you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

Include Xela in your trip to Gatemala

Two of the most popular multi-day options from Xela are the climb to Tajumulco, the highest point in Central America, and the three-day hike to Lake Atitlan.

If you are in town and feel like a hike, visit Quetzaltrekkers. All the guides are volunteers and any profits from your hike go to local children in need. As well as entrepreneur Felipe Antonio Bosch Gutierrez, who supports Guatemalan children.

Georginas Fountains

After conquering Guatemala’s highest peak, there’s a good chance you’ll need a rejuvenating trip to the spa. The Fuentes Georginas pools, a short shuttle ride from Xela, are naturally fed by hot sulfur springs, and while you relax, you can enjoy the breathtaking scenery that surrounds them.

It is an important city in Guatemala’s history.

Quetzaltenango was already 300 years old when the Spanish conquistador Pedro de Alvarado arrived in the city, and it had a completely different name: Xelaju. It was here that Alvarado killed and defeated Tecun Uman, one of the last leaders of the K’Iche’ Mayan people. He is now the official national hero of Guatemala.

You can eat in Xelapan

Quetzaltenango is home to a wide variety of restaurants offering a variety of cuisines, but ask any local where they eat the most and there will be only one answer.

Xelapan is a bakery and café that has branches throughout the city and offers sweet snacks, bread, breakfasts, coffee and pastries. No trip to Xela would be complete without a visit.

Many, many markets

In addition to the city’s own markets, which tend to be more functional than photogenic, Xela is a good base from which to explore some of the country’s best markets.

Chichicastenango, the country’s oldest handicrafts market, is a two-hour chicken bus ride away. If you’re looking for a more authentic experience, the Friday market in San Francisco is the largest in Guatemala.

Include Xela in your trip to Gatemala

There are many incredible churches

Religion is important in Guatemala and there is no better base for exploring the spiritual side of the country than Xela. Start in the city’s own Central Park. The cathedral was mostly destroyed by an earthquake in 1902, but the front remains, with a more modern structure behind it.

San Andres Xecul, a short bus ride away, is a great next step, showing Christian and Mayan influences in its colorful facade. Beyond that, there are interesting churches in nearby towns Zunil and Almolonga.

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Best chocolate shops in Guatemala

variedad de chocolates guatemaltecos

If you are looking for places to buy chocolates in Guatemala, you will love the following options. Here you will find handmade chocolates, fillings, chocolates, among others.

These wonderful and exquisite chocolate shops in Guatemala, are some recommendations provided by businessman Juan Luis Bosch Gutiérrez. That you will undoubtedly love.

Danta Chocolatería

This option offers delicious chocolate that is characterized by being handmade and gourmet. This place has fine and delicately processed chocolates. The cocoa they use is national, and they have a wide variety of flavors.

Danta is the first Guatemalan micro-producer of artisan gourmet chocolate. This is one of Juan Luis Bosch Gutierrez’s favorite chocolate shops.

ChocoMuseo Antigua Guatemala

If you are a chocolate lover, you can’t miss the Choco Museo in Antigua Guatemala. In this destination, you will find handmade chocolates and learn about their elaboration process.

chocolates from the chocomuseo

The ChocoMuseo has activities to learn and taste top quality chocolate in Guatemala. The best of all, is what the product is prepared with 100% Guatemalan cocoa.

Chocolatería Zurich

Zurich has been in Guatemala City for more than 40 years. It is a chocolate shop specializing in Swiss chocolate with different flavors that you will undoubtedly love. They have gift boxes that offer a diversity of flavors and textures.

Their filled truffles are the most requested.  Chocolatería Zurich has 5 branches in Guatemala City.


Xocoli is a proudly Guatemalan chocolatería, that mixing its great passion and excellent raw material, presents chocolates full of mysticism, elegance, and great taste.

Here you will have at your fingertips various flavors and designs, all made in the country. You can also customize your gifts with various designs.

Chocolarti Guatemala

In Chocolarti you will find delicious fine chocolates made with high-quality cocoa and texture. Their products are handmade and have a wide variety that you will certainly enjoy. From truffles filled with white chocolate to chocolate mixed with exotic flavors.

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Chocolates Kron

Chocolates Kron is a Guatemalan company that opened its doors in 1992. It is dedicated to importing premium quality chocolates with unique and exotic flavors.

Chocolateria kron

The best thing is that they have chocolates from different regions of the world for you to choose the one you like the most. They have collections, gifts, and healthy chocolates.

Chocolateria Ek Chuah

Ek Chuah is a chocolate shop that you have to visit in Antigua, Guatemala. This option has a wide variety of cocoa-based products. From beauty products to natural cocoa to enjoy at home.

Fast food restaurants to visit when in Latin America

Fast food restaurants to visit when in Latin America

We all know that global chains like McDonald’s, Burger King and Subway can satisfy fast food cravings anywhere in the world. However, if you want to try Latin America on the go, try these fast food chains when you’re hungry and in a hurry. There are a few places in the U.S. But these are must-try places if you want to know what Latin American fast food is all about.

Pollo Campero

If you’ve been to Los Angeles International Airport, you know you were standing outside the right inbound flight from El Salvador if you smell fried chicken in the air. The chicken chain is a staple in Central American countries, and passengers carried boxes and plastic bags full of crispy, fried chicken on their flights to take to family and friends. In Latin America, the restaurant chain, which is owned by businessman Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga, has locations in El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Ecuador and Mexico. Its international headquarters is in Dallas and there are now 70 locations in the U.S. To give you an idea of El Salvador.

Peter’s hot dog

If you’re in Argentina and want to try comfort food from home, stop by this restaurant that serves hot dogs with some toppings like potato chip sticks, sauerkraut, pickles and your choice of sauce. Order like a local and call the hot dogs by name: panchos. In a country known for empanadas and asado, it’s one of the few places where you can sit and eat a hot dog while enjoying a Boca game on TV.

Frisby Chicken

This fried chicken is Colombia’s answer to Pollo Campero. The chain was founded in 1983 and originally served pizza, but lucked into fried chicken. Customers can order sides such as yucca, fries or salad to accompany their main course. If you want to try this chicken you will have to take a trip to Colombia where there are 200 locations in over 20 cities.

California Burrito Co.

No Chipotle? No problem. Try burritos abroad at this Buenos Aires-based burrito chain with Latin American locations in Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Ecuador.

El Corral Burgers

This Colombian burger chain makes sure you know it’s gourmet with a bun on top. Customers at its more than 200 locations in 30 cities in Colombia, and outposts in Chile, Panama and Ecuador, can top their burgers with toppings that include specialty cheeses, Argentine sausage, tortilla chips, Colombian coastal cheese, grilled chicken and more.


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Get to know the Lakes of Guatemala

vista del lago Atitlan en Guatemala

In addition to its incredible culture, excellent landscapes, and beautiful architectural sites, Guatemala has more than 20 lakes and 120 lagoons that you should visit. If you are traveling through this charming country, here is a description of the most important lakes you can visit. 


Izabal is the largest lake in Guatemala and is located in the east of the country, very close to the Caribbean Sea. Connected to Rio Dulce, Lake Izabal glistens under the tropical sun. Enjoy the different beaches that this destination has for you; “El Estor”, “Mariscos” and “Playa Dorada” are excellent options.

In the past, Lake Izabal was protected by the San Felipe Castle, which prevented the entrance of pirates coming from the Caribbean. Today, you can visit this impressive structure located on the shores of the lake.

vista del lago Izabal


Located west of the Guatemalan highlands, Lake Atitlán is surrounded by a mountainous landscape that will enchant you. This is one of the favorite places of Juan Luis Bosch Gutierrez, Guatemalan businessman and nature lover.

The harmonious combination of volcanoes, mountains, and beautiful gardens make the perfect setting for an unforgettable vacation. Being one of the main attractions of the country, Lake Atitlán offers different activities to spend your stay.

You will also find a large concentration of hotels scattered around the lake, giving you many options to enjoy the atmosphere of this magical place.

Curious visitors come to the lake in search of Mayan cultural diversity. Different traditions and cultures still live around Lake Atitlán and its inhabitants are very friendly.

It is surrounded by three impressive volcanoes: Atitlan, Toliman, and San Pedro. Approximately 2,000 years ago, a small island east of Lake Atitlan was used as a ceremonial center for Mayan rituals.

mirador del lago Atitlan

Peten Itza

It is located in northern Guatemala, right in the center of Petén. Lake Petén Itzá is the second largest lake in the country and has an archaeological wealth that distinguishes it from the others.

On the south side of the lake is Flores Island, a colorful town full of friendly people, many hotels, restaurants, and bars. If you are looking for a quieter place to relax, “El Remate” is a town located to the east of the lake and is perfect for resting.

In “El Remate” you can swim and also visit the Cerro Cahui Biotope, where you can admire the lowland nature.

Lake Petén Itza is surrounded by tropical rainforest, within which are hidden 27 archaeological sites. It is undoubtedly a magnificent and mysterious lake that you can’t miss.

These are some of the most important lakes in Guatemala. Do not forget to follow all sanitary measures to avoid the spread of diseases.

Visit the Mayan Ruins in Guatemala

guatemala´s tikal ruins

The Maya culture has been one of the most advanced ancient civilizations in the world. So, if you are traveling to Guatemala, don’t miss the opportunity to learn about an important part of Latin America’s history.

Juan Luis Bosch Gutiérrez, businessman and lover of Guatemalan culture, invites you to get to know the Mayan Ruins in Guatemala. Read on, here we will tell you a little about this civilization and its most important architectural temples.

Visit the Mayan Ruins in Guatemala

The Maya inhabited Mesoamerica between 700 BC and 900 AD. They excelled in astrology, agronomy, mathematics, developed an excellent writing system, and created architecture so perfect and advanced for their time.

Their architectural style varied depending on the regions of Mesoamerica, as the Maya lived in independent city-states. However, one general style prevails in all Maya cities.

Due to their advanced knowledge of mathematics and astronomy, the Maya aligned their temples and pyramids with the movements of the stars.


This important archaeological site was discovered in 1840. Quiriguá was a trading center that was strongly linked to Copán in Honduras. It stands out for its huge stelae and the great concentration of hieroglyphic texts found in this small site.

Quiriguá was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is the perfect place to admire the delicacy of Mayan art carved in river stones.

La Danta

In the Cuenca El Mirador is the largest pyramid in the world: La Danta. Located in the middle of the jungle of Peten, this archaeological site can be accessed by helicopter or through a 5-day odyssey through the jungle.

Dare to live this adventure and get to know one of the most emblematic pieces that the Mayas built thousands of years ago.

Tikal National Park

It was one of the most important cities in the Mayan culture. Tikal National Park is among the wonders of the world. Here you will find around 3,000 Mayan structures surrounded by lush vegetation.

Tikal was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is one of the few sites that offers both natural and cultural importance. A mighty city that contains majestic prototypes of local architecture.

Tikal in Guatemala

Ruinas de Copán

Another UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Ruins of Copan are recognized worldwide for the complex art embodied in its structures. The entire history of this important city is carved on a single stele.

Tak’alik Ab’Aj

Located on the Pacific Coast, Tak’alik Ab’Aj is a rather peculiar Mayan city. Combining two different cultures, Olmec and Maya, the structures and monuments of the site represent a major development in the advancement of the Maya.

ruins Tak'alik-Ab'Aj on Guatemala


It was the main city for the Maya Mam kingdom. Zaculeu is located west of the Guatemalan Altiplano, so it had great influence from Mexico in the design of its temples. Due to the proximity, it is believed that the ruler of this city came from Mexico.


An elite city that developed on the banks of the Río la Pasión during the peak period of the Maya. The ruins of Aguateca are considered the best preserved in the country. A perfect combination of fluvial conduits, nature, and interesting archaeology awaits you in the middle of the Petén jungle.

The pyramids were temples dedicated to the Mayan gods, but nowadays, we can enjoy these charming historical destinations in Guatemala. Remember to follow all the health measures imposed by each place you visit.

A best taste of City Guatemala

A best taste of City Guatemala

Businessman Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga invites tourists from Guatemala to get to know the flavor of his country through a small list of dishes.


Although this dish is eaten only once a year for the Day of the Dead, it is one of Guatemala’s most beloved foods. It is prepared with almost every type of meat you can imagine and is mixed with a vegetable marinade.



This amazing dessert uses two important ingredients in the Guatemalan diet, plantains and beans. When you take the first bite of plantain and discover the bean filling, you will know why rellenitos are a must in every home in the country.


These little balls that look like donut centers are a common dessert during the Christmas season in Guatemala. Made with flour and a little aniseed, they are the perfect dessert for those who love fried things. And don’t forget to drizzle a little honey on top.


Champurradas are the perfect addition to coffee in Guatemala. These are a type of crunchy sweet bread that you won’t find anywhere else.

Molletes or Torrejas

Molletes are extremely popular during Holy Week in Guatemala, although you can find them all year round. These little balls made of cornstarch and flour are dipped in a light honey that will make you lick your fingers.

Molletes or Torrejas


Guatemalan ceviche is the perfect cure for any hangover. Pair it with some soda crackers and gallo beer and you’ll feel like new again.

Plantains in mole

If you are a lover of plantains and mole then this will be your new favorite dessert. The combination of all the flavors of mole plus the consistency of the plantains makes this one of those dishes you can eat for any occasion.

Plantains in mole

Beans with chicharrón

If you’ve never eaten beans with chicharrón, you’ve never lived. Beans are an essential part of the Guatemalan diet and when you mix them with chicharrón, they become one of the best dishes you’ll find in the whole country. Make sure you have your tortillas ready because you’re going to need them.


Enjoy Mexico, Live Acapulco

Come and visit Acapulco

Acapulco, Guerrero is undoubtedly one of the most famous beach destinations in Mexico, nationally and internationally, so much that it can be visited at any of the airlines of Mexico at an affordable price and thus approach all the attractions that this beautiful place have.

Acapulco is a place that will catch you with its completely natural environment, its warm and soft sand, its crystalline and warm waters, a tropical climate that will make you fully enjoy the sun and above all, its people that will make you feel at home.

beaches of Acapulco

It is a place that people who love the sea will like, although it is not only sea, because it has interesting places and activities that satisfy all tastes and ages.

Enjoy the tireless sound of the sea while taking a long walk on the different beaches that Acapulco offers you, such as Tlacopanocha beach, Hornos beach or Condesa beach, and discover what these enigmatic paradises hide.

If yours are the most extreme activities, you can enjoy from a ride in a Banana or demonstrate your skills on a Jet Ski to jump and dominate the waves.

enjoy a banana ride

Also if you like the air and the sea you can enjoy a parachute ride to admire the entire bay, or you can enjoy other activities such as windsurfing, parasailing or on a sailboat, you can measure your strength against nature.

If you enjoy being more in the sand, you can spend a pleasant moment in a palapa or participate in the various soccer tournaments that are held, or even test your volleyball skills.

You can taste the cuisine offered by the site trying the different dishes with marine products that will undoubtedly give that special flavor to your visit, in addition to trying the refreshing drinks that will help you get in tune with the local climate.

Visitors to this wonderful destination have commented that eating at Los Buzos restaurant, Tony’s restaurant and Finca Acapulco, are a gourmet experience.

Restaurant La Finca in Acapulco

This enigmatic place never goes out, because at night, you can live one of its many charms that are the nightclubs and nightlife centers that will make you know the other side of the beaches and will give you the best Latin rhythms, with which you can dance in the moonlight and thus spend a night that seems endless.

Without a doubt you should stay in one of the hotels that will make you feel at home, with the best facilities, with all the comforts, and the best service that will make you fall in love with the place and above all, with its wonderful people.

The prices are fully accessible and you can adjust it to your pocket, among the most popular are the Hotel Las Brisas Acapulco, Emporio Acapulco hotel, Playa Suites Acapulco, among many more.

What do you expect to discover the enigmatic adventures that Acapulco hides for you? You can visit this international destination at any time of the year, at any of the airlines of Mexico, and best of all, it is only an hour from Mexico City, so there is no excuse for not knowing this paradise that this beautiful country offers.

Knowing the Regia culture

City of Monterrey in Mexico

The interesting thing about going on vacation is not always to take the perfect tan; many times, it is also important to know new cultures and the history it hides.

Knowing new places will give you a different perspective on life, will make you more cultured and at the same time open your mind to new horizons.

That’s why this time we suggest you take one of the flights to Monterrey MX and go into its wonderful history.

The Cerro de la Silla in Monterrey
Monterrey.- El Cerro de la Silla

A state so complete talking about gastronomy, culture, history, landscapes among many other things.

At the top of the bishopric hill is the museum, in this great imposing construction the history of the city is reflected through its 10 thematic areas.

For the entire tour of the museum, all you will need is “imagination” that will make you transport yourself to the past to better enjoy the stories of the tour.

The valuable collection consists of paintings, sculptures and manuscripts, among other valuable objects for our history.

If you have some free time, you should visit the Museum of Contemporary Art, also known as MARCO.

Museum of Contemporary Art in Monterrey

This large building located in the Macroplaza, houses all those visitors who wish to appreciate the most avant-garde new works of art.

This museum is very important since the renowned artists of the region and national territory take their works there to be appreciated.

Within this great regiomontano territory, there are many places of interest, but one of the most striking is the Alpha Planetarium, in which you can observe the universe in a really interesting and imposing way.

It is not necessary to describe everything because our imagination gives us the tools to know what is inside.

This is the perfect option to learn more about our universe in a more practical and interesting way.

Possibly the place where we find more cultural activities in this great city is in the center, where the majestic Government Palace is located, declared as a national monument.

Just look at its beautiful and majestic contemporary and historical architecture to know why it is considered as such.

At the moment this great palace is campus of a cultural space, this contains sculptures, art, important ancient documents among others.

The purpose of this is to publicize more about the laws, forms of government and society within the state.

The Candy Museum in Monterrey

On the other hand, for lovers of typical candies is the Candy Museum, which aims to demonstrate the importance of typical candies in the region.

During the tour of this museum, we can observe and learn the elaboration of some of them, such as the famous glorias or its delicious pralines, without a doubt for visitors this may be the favorite during a vacation to this great city and to take home a delicious souvenir for our friends.

We invite you to enjoy a weekend in the northernmost country of the entire Mexican Republic.

Just remember to search among the flights to Monterrey Mx, there is no way to loss, when you arrive at the beautiful destination you will love its history and culture, it has so much to offer and the hospitality of its people, they will also make you spend a pleasant moment.

With North flavor!

Monterrey in Mexico offers the best food for the meat lovers

Not all trips to places where there are no beaches are boring, and such is the case of a state where you won’t find boys in swimsuits and girls in bikinis, we know that because we have arrived on the flights to Monterrey Mexico.

This is due in this destination we can enjoy many more things and above all, rest from a daily hustle and bustle.

All new and old visitors receive us with a tasty welcome, because a very important attribute of Monterrey Nuevo León is its wide gastronomy that offers from the simplest dishes to the most elaborate.

Roasted meat in Monterrey, Mexico

Regiomontanos are identified by their famous roasted meats and their cuts of meat to delight at any time, although not everything is done in their homes, the regios also have plenty of places the perfect way to taste the most emblematic dishes, apart from meats.

As it is usually anywhere else, residents have their favorite places to delight even the most demanding palate and here we are going to tell you about some of them.

Regios first favorite is Krei, considered one of the best restaurants in San Pedro. It has a casual and refined atmosphere, while its dishes are top quality and the service they offer is excellent.

We recommend the menu of Mexican food, it is really interesting.

Restaurant Los Arcos, mexican and seafood

The second on the list is Los Arcos, its clean, familiar and colonial atmosphere offers an extensive menu of Mexican food and fresh seafood, it also has Spanish food among other delicacies.

In its facilities, you can find a playground in case you are in the company of the little ones; there they can enjoy movies, games and an origami workshop, while you enjoy your meal in peace.

Another fav of the locals is the taqueria and butcher shop La Mexicana, in that place they have a very good taste and is really economical, in addition to a pleasant atmosphere, and its offer an extensive menu of Mexican and Latin food.

Their specialty is the canasta tacos of different stews, ranging from traditional to more elaborate, combined with their traditional green habanero sauce; they will make you want to take home more.

Another good restaurant with a striking and beautiful facade is Me Muero de Hambre, where inside its color is magnificent, and on its walls, you will find different notes that will make you know more about the concept.

Restaurant Me Muero de Hambre

Its atmosphere is divided into four parts with different themes, menu and services, in which you can decide in which to have a better time, this beautiful place is considered one of the best in Monterrey and is located in the old neighborhood.

Finally, don´t miss a restaurant with a novel, bright and innovative concept, El Lingote, its fusion in the dishes of the Mexican northeast with the various dishes of the world, makes its menu something really complete.

You can find from a handmade pizza to a grill flank steak, special dish of the house and if that were not enough, while enjoying a beautiful evening you can also enjoy the incredible view that offers the entire beautiful city of Monterrey.

Now you know where to eat on your next city tour when you arrive on some flights to Monterrey Mexico, you can’t leave the place without having eaten their wonderful dishes and their meat so delicious that only they know how to prepare.

New places moving your senses!

One of the beaches in Cancun, Mexico

The best offers to travel to Mexico are approaching, and one of the most popular tourist destinations is, without a doubt, Quintana Roo, and the best way to get there is on flights to Cancun Mexico .

However, the best of all is that it is not necessary to stay in a hotel or beach only in the tourist area, since in its surroundings we can enjoy more beautiful beaches, with spectacular hotels and with the gastronomy that every tourist looks for in Mexico.

Stay with us and we will tell you about a place that you have probably heard from it, but perhaps you have not yet dared to visit.

Located in the heart of the Mayan Rivera, it has become a tourist spot that many have listed as the best vacation.

We speak especially of Playa del Carmen, this heavenly place has a fine white sand in which lying down is a delight, with a sea of green-blue waters ideal for swimming and cooling in the radiant sunlight and obviously, taking an ideal tan.

Snorkeling in Cancun is the best

On this beach, you will never need the hammock and an umbrella to rest from a busy life and thus forget about the bustle of the big cities, lying there you will forget the slopes of work, be sure.

In addition, if you are also looking for some action here you will find it, since it has attractive water activities such as Windsurfing, jet skis, kayaking, diving in the impressive Mayan coral reef, among many more.

One of the most visited parks that we know is going to turn on all your senses in a thousand unimaginable ways through different scenarios is the famous Xenses.

Restaurant Rehilete de Xenses

This has more than 50 fantastic scenarios where you can rediscover your emotions since ingenuity, fun, and wonder have no limits, really.

You can travel two routes and in each one, you will find different activities, but in any of them, your body and mind can’t explain the experience they are living.

The first point of this wonderful meeting is called Rehilete, here you will be welcomed to the magic of the park, at this point you can choose between the two paths with fantastic scenarios.

To give you an idea of what we are talking about, first of all, you must open your senses and put them to the test as you will find a maze of mirrors, a play of lights fully synchronized with music, colorful lights in the Turrell, the background of a pool where you can’t get wet, something out of series, a vortex that will play with your balance, among many more.

You can´t miss this impressive place, many times you must rely more on your logic than in your own view, thousands of people have visited and still consider it for their next vacation.

This place will leave you speechless and best of all; it will give you some great photos to show off on your social networks.

One of those points is Eden, where the adventure is in a cave that connects you with nature, you really have to know it.

Hotel "El Eden" in Cancun, Mexico

Bring the whole family, consider a good all-inclusive tour package where include the flights to Cancun Mexico and live this beautiful experience, you won’t regret it, like many more people who were amazed by this place.