The best fun is in Cancun, at its best

Cancun Activities

Who said that visiting Quintana Roo is just going to the beach or walking along the shore and sunbathing? There are thousands of activities, places, bars and attractions to visit during your stay in this great place, which is world-renowned for its high range in all its services. That is why the airport receives thousands of tourists who arrive on flights to Cancun every day since this site is the key to all the fun and relaxation.

Cancun Fun

In addition, to start your trip it is necessary that you go to visit the Cancun sign, if you want to presume that you visited this beautiful place you must take your photo in this place, it is a mural with giant 3D letters with the legend “Cancun”. Most tourists, like tradition or fashion, do not miss the opportunity to take a photo for the collection of memories of their travels through Mexico.
Near that point is the Delfines beach viewpoint, which is one of the most visited public beaches. This area has playgrounds for the little ones to also enjoy the fun.
Just two hundred meters from the Delfines beach viewpoint is the archaeological zone of the King, the entrance is for all people in general, however, this has a significant cost since they are taken for maintenance. The archaeological zone has various structures distributed throughout the area. This place also houses and gives home to a large number of iguanas and is something that attracts the attention of tourists, especially the little ones.
Within your visit to the archeological zone, you should take a tour of the Mayan Museum of Cancun; it is the only place that has many kilometers around exclusively for the objects, relics, and exhibitions of the Mayas. The best thing is that it is open to the public.
If you take a tour, stop at km.2.5, at this point you will find the beautiful Perlas beach, in this place you can take a pleasant rest, cool off with a drink and a small snack to continue with your path.

Beer by the beach
In a place known as the pier, there is a construction that is rotating and is better known as the Scenic Tower of Cancun, with a measure of approximately one hundred meters is the perfect place to appreciate the entire immense sea of Cancun and the entire hotel zone, that all this together makes this destination one of the most sought after by tourists, since here you will get that photo that we know you will upload to all your social networks. The tours of this construction have an accessible cost and its duration is approximately fifteen minutes. Also in this place, you can find a great helicopter tour with which you can see absolutely everything.
Now you just have to prepare your suitcase, add your favorite sunglasses, your bronzer and that swimsuit that makes you look one hundred percent. Get carried away by the tourist attractions that Quintana Roo has for you, check out the best promotions on flights to Cancun and explore the whole area, even if we are honest, you won´t be able to do it in a single trip.

The Mexican beaches that will free you from the tourist masses

Barra de Navidad

Holy Week is just around the corner and with it a wave of travelers who visit the Mexican coasts looking to rest and have a great time on the best beaches in Mexico. On the other hand, there are some more that don´t necessarily end up overcrowded during this season, then we will talk about some ideal beaches to avoid the large tourist masses and which you can easily reach by one of the airlines of Mexico. We know that with these lonely beaches, you will forget the chaos and the hustle and bustle and you will only focus on enjoying the sun, the sand and the sea.


Located in Riviera Nayarit, this almost virgin beach has two kilometers of golden sand, a gentle swell and an endless row of palm trees. This micro destination on the Pacific shores is located 50 minutes from the International Airport of Puerto Vallarta, very close to the highway that connects La Cruz de Huanacaxtle with Punta de Mita. Currently it has exclusive residential complexes, restaurants and a golf course designed by Greg Norman, as it is a destination that is under development it is expected that soon important hotel complexes will be opened. Therefore, without a doubt, you must visit it before it ceases to be little known paradise, and become in one of the most visited.

Litibú mexican beaches

Barra de Navidad

The town of Barra de Navidad is characterized by its lonely beaches, this fishing village located on the coast of the Pacific jalisciense, has several semi-virgin golden beaches, so it doesn´t matter which you choose as they are all suitable for resting. An interesting fact is that in this town the maritime expedition ships that started in 1564 to conquer the Philippine Islands were built, so it is common for their people to tell you about their glorious past. However, beyond that event that marked its history, today this destination where the Costalegre calls, owes its fame to the number of solitary beaches it has. If after relaxing in Easter you want to practice adventure sports, in the Navidad lagoon you can take boat trips to admire the marina located on Navidad Island, as well as explore a shrimp farm, also because of its location, it is considered one of the best destinations for diving or snorkeling, since in its waters diverse marine species inhabit.

Barra de Navidad


To the south of Puerto Vallarta is located Colimilla, a beach that will conquer you with its relaxed atmosphere, but mainly for its gastronomy. The beach is characterized by being practically solitary; however, there are several palapas that offer very fresh fish and seafood. Colimilla doesn´t have hotels and if you are adventurous, you can camp there, but if you prefer the comfort of the hotels, then the option is the town of Barra de Navidad. To get to this natural paradise it is necessary to take a boat from the town of Barra de Navidad and cross the Navidad lagoon.

Colimilla nayarit jalisco

Now that you know some of these beaches that will save you from the crowds, don´t wait any longer to get your flight in one of the favorite Mexican airlines and prepare everything to enjoy this season in the beautiful Mexican coasts.


 Monterrey, the ideal city to enjoy Nuevo León 

Poza azul monterrey

 Many travelers consider that when you take one of the flights to Monterrey Mexico it will be a completely business trip, because this is what characterizes this city. However, the reality is that the city itself has its own tourist attractions, and added to this its location; it is perfect to know many places of Nuevo León, so unique that every traveler should know. Therefore, when you travel to this city, you should pack comfortable clothes to visit historic places, squares, alleys and natural beauties.

Villa de Santiago

Enjoy a few days at the Magic Village Villa de Santiago, which is only half an hour from the city. To get there you have to cross the Sierra Madre Oriental and the Sierra de la Silla, the view is enchanting with a clear sky and vegetation, the panorama invites you to the adventure with activities of hiking, zip line, rappel, climbing, among others, here you will feel how adrenaline runs throughout your body. 

Visit The Parish of Santiago Apostol, an architectural marvel in the center, the old municipal palace that currently functions as a museum, runs through Ocampo Square while tasting typical Mexican candies and enters one of the colonial restaurants in the center to savor the best Mexican dishes.

Villa Santiago

Poza Azul

You and your family will be speechless when you arrive at Poza Azul, a colonial town surrounded by mountains and forest, being in direct contact with nature this place transmits relaxation, happiness and allows you to forget about stress. We recommend that you take a walk with all your family and know the Parish of San José; its architecture is neoclassical style, with white facade and two towers that contain inside two bells that are played every hour inviting tourists and inhabitants to attend mass. On the other hand, if you are a wine lover, then you should know the wine cellars where you can observe the wine process from selection, maceration and alcoholic fermentation to bottling. Take the opportunity to get a glass of wine that comes from the barracks that keep sparkling wines, whites, reds, among others. Leaving the place, run to put on your swimsuit, grab your life jacket and immerse yourself in the crystal clear water of the Poza Azul lagoon that is open to the general public, where experts and first-timers practice swimming.

Parras de la Fuente

The Town of Parras de la Fuente is located in the municipality of Nuevo Leon, 3 hours from Monterrey, the country atmosphere allows you to spend a few days relaxing, the landscapes you will see are those offered by nature with abundant vegetation, waterfalls and rivers with water of spring. If you have a strong taste for wine, then visit the vineyards, here are the oldest in Latin America, take the opportunity to taste some liquor or brandy made in the region.

Parras de la fuente

There are still many places that can give an extra to all the flights to Monterrey, but with these, you can start discovering the beauties that surround this great city wrapped in business and modernity.

The best bars in Cancun that you can´t skip

Cancun Bars Mexico

For some time, flights to Cancun Mexico have become the most sought after by travelers from all over the world, making it the most visited city in the country, and now it offers more fun than ever. Travelers from different countries want to experience the blue beaches of the Caribbean, but especially the nightlife, because here there are many types of bars with live music, DJs, cocktails, wines and delicious food. That is why we have taken on the task of investigating the best bars in Cancun that you should know.


It is the favorite bar of the locals and is just a few steps from the hotel zone; in this place you can enjoy fresh seafood, hamburgers to taste, nachos and many more snacks. The Muellecito is open from 1 in the afternoon at 2 in the morning, from Monday to Saturday. The establishment has air conditioning and a smoking area.

Muellecito bar people Cancun

Las de Guanatos

This is the most popular bar for travelers, it is located in the Plaza de Toros on Bonampak Avenue, offers live music and special drinks at a good price. All the time there are promotions and their food is delicious, among the favorites of the place are the torta ahogada and the michelada of Ojo Rojo. The best thing about this bar is that it is open until dawn.

The Black Pub

Located at the height of Las Guanatos bar, this bar is characterized by its warm atmosphere and pleasant music, rock is one of the most played genres and is open from Monday to Saturday from 1 in the afternoon to 4 in the morning. Therefore, if your thing is to listen to rock all night and be accompanied by a good drink, this will be your ideal place.

The black Pub Cancun bars

Mr. Frogs

It is the best-known nightclub in Mexico, which during the day is a restaurant, and at night it becomes a nightclub. When you go, taste the Wild Frog Rocks, the Agave Tequila Mr. Frog and the Pama de Granada, each one will leave a delicious taste in your mouth and will also provide you with the necessary atmosphere to celebrate until dawn.

Han Social Room

The favorite bar to spend the night, located in the Diomeda building, on Thursday is the perfect day for the ladies and for those who celebrate their birthday, as it is when they receive a bottle. The music they play is “a bit of everything” like pop, techno, salsa, etc. It is worth mentioning that theme nights and special events are the best of the Han Social Room.

Han bar cancun

Don Libando

It has become a point of reference in Cancun for making delicious cocktails, it has the largest Mezcal selection in the city and its Mexican fusion food is exceptional, you can find this bar inside Plaza Solare.

You already have more options of bars for your next search for flights to Cancun Mexico, and as additional information, the best bars in Cancun, the area are in Plaza Solare and Plaza de Toros, although nothing like an own investigation to choose the place that suits you best.


Towns very close to Monterrey to get to know

Monterrey Mier


One of the great benefits of taking the flights to Monterrey MX is that the city is surrounded by many places that can be easily known starting from the city, and although Monterrey has enough places to enjoy and get to know, take a break in any of these destinations will give your trip a nice bonus.

Cuatro Ciénegas, Coahuila

Located in the desert region in the state of Coahuila, it is located at the bottom of a basin surrounded by the Sierra Madre Oriental, this is a protected area and an important ecological reserve due to its biodiversity and because there is a unique place, where develops flora and fauna on gypsum soils. On your tour, you can observe diversity of species such as the golden lizard, the white shell turtle, the hinge water turtle and most fascinating, two species of mojarras.

Parras de la Fuente, Coahuila

This unique town was originally named Villa de Santa María de Las Parras because of its proven fertility, its monumental corners tell us about an agricultural development that places it in the first places of the production of wines, spirits and various liquors, so famous and appreciated as its textile industry specialized in denim, considered of high quality throughout the world. In the first days of November, the Sweet and Nut Festival is celebrated, in which all the Parras confectioners gather to share their products with the whole community and with the visitors that are in the place, which they can acquire the exquisite variety of nut, fig, grape, pine nut and cajeta candies.

Ghost Town Mier Monterrey

Mier, Tamaulipas

On the northern fringe of the state of Tamaulipas that borders the United States, is Mier City, a colonial town founded towards the middle of the 18th century, the protagonist of the Mexico-United States war in the 19th century and recognized in 2007 as Magic Town for its history, customs and legends. Moments of great importance accompany other constructions, such as the house where the Texan soldiers submitted by the Mexican army remained in prison in 1842, also known as Bean House, because according to popular history the commander of the square refused to comply with the order of shooting all the prisoners, keeping them prisoners in this house and resolving to shoot only one in ten that they would choose by drawing a lot using beans.

Arteaga, Coahuila

Arteaga captivates with its beautiful wooded places to anyone who visits it, with a rich aroma of fruits and a colorful mountain range that seems to embrace with admiration this enchanting destiny. A few kilometers to the south, you can visit the complex Forest of Monterreal, which has several tracks for skiing, available for tourists throughout the year even without snow, so if you are looking for a quiet environment you only need to rent a cabin and from the terrace, you will have beautiful views of Arteaga.

Don´t miss the opportunity to discover any of these places in your next search for flights to Monterrey MX and let them give a nice extra to your trip through this great Mexican city.


A refreshing vacation in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta Guadalajara


Famous for its colorful beaches, nightlife and water sports in its blue and warm waters, Puerto Vallarta is located on the Pacific coast of Mexico, in the state of Jalisco, its geography is truly privileged as it has a bay and mountain, where the temperatures are more refreshing. That is why flights to Puerto Vallarta end up being a perfect vacation for those seasons where the sun doesn´t let up, plus it is an ideal destination to travel with children, as a couple, as a group of friends or for business, as practically It has everything, so be prepared and decide how to spend a refreshing vacation.

The first and foremost, is to swim in its famous beaches

You should know that Puerto Vallarta has 8 Blue Flag appointments, a globally known environmental label; it is a recognition that is granted when the site meets excellence in environmental education, water quality, environmental management and quality in security and services. Puerto Vallarta has the largest number of blue flag certified beaches in all of Mexico and these are beach Palmares, Camarones, Playa de Oro, Amapas, Conchas Chinas I, Conchas Chinas II, Garza Blanca and Sheraton.

Snorkel or dive in the Los Arcos Marine Park

Named for the arches of rock formations, you can go under them by boat or snorkel and dive in the smallest. When you look into the depth of the water, you will find caves and reefs to explore. For the beauty that protects this park was named National Marine Park, and is very close to the coast of Vallarta, between the Twin Beaches and Mismaloya.

Walk through the Malecón

The Malecón is the backbone of Puerto Vallarta, in a mile you can find a variety of bars, restaurants and fashion stores, however, if there is something that distinguishes this pier from any other are its contemporary sculptures to admire and take very beautiful photos. One of the symbols of Puerto Vallarta is the sculpture of the Child on the Sea Horse, although few know that there are two of them.

Visit The Eden, an ecotourism park

The Eden, as the name implies, is a small paradise in the Sierra of Vallarta, approximately 45 minutes from the boardwalk, it is highly recommended for those who travel with children as they can have fun in its natural pools, they can go hiking and throw from 8 zip lines, plus the food of the place is delicious.

Walk through the Marina

The Marina is located just a few steps from some housing complexes and a hotel zone, here there are also many options for restaurants of all types and for all budgets. You can walk around, see the yachts and various marine equipment, as well as find pelicans and a few iguanas. It is a good place to hire a tour, tour the bay and enjoy the best views, although you should be careful when you get close to the pier, as crocodiles are usually spotted.

Enjoy your vacation by taking one of the many flights to Puerto Vallarta, and dedicate a few days to total relaxation and enjoy the panoramas that will make you fall in love with these great coasts.

Be amazed with the most beautiful lakes and lagoons in Mexico

Lagoons and lakes in Mexico

The success of many airlines of Mexico is due to the fact that they have unique destinations in Mexico, where they enjoy countless natural beauties such as beaches, mountains, deserts and, of course, lagoons and lakes. That is why below, we leave you a list of the most representative, beautiful and important in the country that you can take into account for your next adventure.

Chapala Lake

This extraordinary lake is the largest in Mexico, measuring 1116 square kilometers and has a depth of between four and six meters. It is an area of fishermen and artisans that is very close to Guadalajara and where it is possible to take boat trips, hikes or bicycle tours in nearby communities, and you should know that from here you will see the most wonderful sunsets in front of the lake.

Lake of Patzcuaro

This lake is one of the most emblematic of the state of Michoacán; it is the third in the list of the largest lakes in Mexico and contains seven islands. The lake is supported by local fishing boats, so besides being beautiful, it is also a place with a lot of tradition, since the center of the island is Janitzio, where the Day of the Dead is celebrated in large, it is customary to make a ritual and the lake is full of boats with candles and flowers, the climate of the area is mainly cold but the landscape is enviable.

Laguna Cancun

Bacalar Lagoon

Also known as the lagoon of the seven colors, it is a place where tourists go to relax and forget about the world. This is located in Quintana Roo just half an hour from Chetumal, and is the perfect mix between the Riviera Maya, fun and relaxation. In the place, you can practice kayaking, swimming and enjoying dream landscapes in its more than 42 kilometers long and 2 kilometers at its widest point.

Lagoons of Montebello

In Chiapas, more specifically in the Lagunas de Montebello National Park, there are more than 6 thousand hectares of forest with 50 lagoons of various sizes, where you can practice kayaking in its crystal clear blue waters or go hiking on the nearby trails. In addition, if you have the possibility, camp in this protected natural area, because the panorama of the place is simply majestic.

Catemaco Lagoon

It is located 170 kilometers southeast of the Port of Veracruz, next to the Los Tuxtlas Biosphere Reserve; it is in fifth place in the largest lagoons in Mexico, measuring 75 square kilometers. It also has three small islands, among which Los Monos stands out, and in its mysterious crystalline waters, there are activities such as fishing and many other water sports.

Laguna de Nichupté

This beauty is located in the heart of Cancun and is considered one of the most beautiful in the country; this is because it has salt and sweet water. It is home to a great diversity of species, its blue waters stretch along 13 kilometers and you can navigate by boat or kayak among its green mangroves.

These are just some of the most striking and representative spaces that you can reach through airlines of Mexico. When you visit them, don´t forget to take care of them to continue preserving their beauty.


Magical corners near Guadalajara 

Guadalajara differents spots

Guadalajara is a great city to visit, however there are times you want to visit places that go beyond urban life to spend a few days relaxing and enjoyable knowing new places in complete harmony with nature. That is why we want to present you some of the Magic Towns that are characterized by being a space of tranquility and that you can take advantage of when taking the flights to Guadalajara to know them, since they are less than 3 hours from the capital of Jalisco.


South of Guadalajara, surrounding Lake Chapala, are the forests of the Sierra del Tigre, here among pines and oaks is the Magical Town of Mazamitla, which you will reach in only two hours by car. Nothing better to escape from the city than to surround yourself in the tranquility and beauty of the forest. In Mazamitla, you can enjoy a mountain environment, since it is at 2500 meters of altitude, the town was built around the Parish of San Cristóbal and is very nice to walk through its cobbled streets and houses with roofs of tiles, the surroundings of the town are hills covered by forests where you will find wooden cabins. Don´t forget to visit its streams and waterfalls, among which El Salto stands out, where it is even possible to swim, or in the Tierra Aventura Ecological Park where several extreme activities are carried out.


The Magical Town of Comala is in the state of Colima, just two and a half hours from Guadalajara, passing by the majestic Colima Volcano. Its name means place of comales in Náhuatl language, this is a town where history, culture, gastronomy and nature are combined. Called the White Town due to the color of its houses, Comala is a cheerful town where beautiful handicrafts and furniture are made in mahogany, masks for traditional dances and of course, metal comales. Its main square is full of vegetation and has a picturesque kiosk where you can enjoy the good weather.


One theory says that Tapalpa means high ground in Otomi, name that makes sense because the town is more than 2 thousand meters above sea level; the town is in the southern highlands of Jalisco and due to its proximity to Guadalajara is possible to reach the region in less than two hours. The place offers a perfect opportunity to relax in the middle of a picturesque village and surrounded by nature. The town is famous for its fountains in which residents supply water and which function as meeting points, each one is decorated with different motives from which its name derives, such as the Dog and the Snakes. Walk through its cobblestone streets, among white houses and visit the beautiful Parish of San Antonio with its beautiful esplanade.

The city of Guadalajara is surrounded by truly symbolic villages, which today still keep many of their traditions and coexist in a special way with their natural surroundings, so we recommend that when you take one of the flights to Guadalajara don´t hesitate to visit any from them.

Tourist routes in the rural area of Mexico City

nopal milpa alta

Tourist routes in the rural area of Mexico City 

If you are thinking about taking any of the flights to Mexico City during a weekend, then pay attention to the four tourist routes in the rural area of Mexico City, which offer capitalists and tourists all kinds of activities in contact with nature, with indigenous cultures and even in different agrarian centers.

The capital has tourist routes in the town hall Tláhuac and Xochimilco, where you can learn about its traditional villages, its history, life in its lagoons, canals and even up a chinampa, which is the main means of transport in this area of waterways. While, in Tlalpan, Magdalena Contreras and Milpa Alta, the tours will allow you to live their traditions and culture, wooded landscapes, valleys, canyons, rivers and waterfalls, among others.

In the Patrimonial Route of Life and Death in Tláhuac, you will be able to enjoy trajineras journeys in the Lago de los Reyes Aztecas Pier, admire swampy places to reach the chinampas and obtain directly from the farmers vegetables and flowers. The tour includes the lagoons of the Ejido de San Pedro, sanctuary of migratory birds and the archaeological zone of San Andrés Mixquic, the museum, cemetery and the altar of the goddess Miquixtli, deity of life and death.

Nopal route

In the Patrimonial Route of the Flowers in Xochimilco, you can visit the towns of that town hall starting in Santiago Tulyehualco, where the author of the song “Cielito lindo” was born. Right there you can take a massage or temazcal bath in the houses of traditional medicine, visit the markets of flowers, medicinal and ornamental plants, located in San Luis Tlaxialtemalco, Madre Selva, Santa Maria Nativitas, and the Cuemanco Market. In Santa Cruz Acalpixca is located the Archaeological Museum of Xochimilico and the Ceremonial Center Cuahilama, founding place of this region, Xochimilco is known for its 12 touristic piers and its colonial architecture, an example of this is the Parish of San Bernardino de Siena and the chapels of its 18 neighborhoods.

The Nopal Patrimonial Route, Flavors and Colors of Milpa Alta will allow you to get to know the culture, festivities, dances, virreinal architecture, revolutionary and the Nahua tradition of the peoples that make it up. Eight of the 12 villages are dedicated to the production of prickly pear cactus, in the Tepenahuac Environmental Education Center it is possible to go through the crops and learn from this type of vegetable, which can be purchased directly at the Collection Center of Nopal Verdura of Villa Milpa Alta or local markets. The main attraction of San Pedro Atocpan, considered a magical neighborhood, is its mole-based gastronomy, which you can taste in the restaurants and shops of the town.

That the flights to Mexico City have more places to go, than the already traditional museums and central spaces of the city. Give an opportunity to these rural routes of the city that will give you a journey full of culture and tradition for the founding peoples of today’s great capital of Mexico.


 Unforgettable sites you will find in Monterrey 

Monterrey Mexico

Monterrey is the capital of the State of Nuevo León, a city where you can find a wide range of places to spend unforgettable moments, from museums, a large square and parks that will leave you amazed, without forgetting its delicious cuisine. On this occasion, we invite you to know a little more about the places you must visit in the so-called “Sultana del Norte”, in one of the following flights to Monterrey Mexico.

Tour of the Macroplaza

The first mandatory visit is to know its Macroplaza, since it has great attractions and modern architecture that you can know on foot or through a boat tour on the water channel created around the place. This road goes to the Fundidora Park and besides giving you a unique walk; it also allows you to admire points of interest with sculptures quite representative of the city. If you go on foot don´t hesitate not to stop at any of the places where they serve typical snacks of the city that will leave you with a good taste in your mouth.

Fundidora Park

Known as the heart of the capital of Nuevo Leon, this urban park is characterized by paying tribute to the industrial activity of iron and steel that once gave rise to the Monterrey Fundidora Company during the period from 1900 to 1986. Learn about the history of the museum through large machinery in a light and sound show, also has a zip line in the smelter that will let you admire how nowadays this park is a great place for family recreation and also popular science in its museum that deals with promote in the new generations the concern for science.

Monterrey Plaza

The capital is full of important museums for the state

Monterrey has great manifestations of culture and art, and a great example of this is found in its museums, the main ones being the Museum of Contemporary Art and 3 Museums, a space where history is disseminated. The name receives it because it is precisely in this place that the 3 main museums that are in charge of telling the most detailed history of the capital meet, these are the Museum of Mexican History, Palace Museum and Museum of the Northeast.

Monterrey food is one of the best in Nuevo León

Something that characterizes the gastronomy of Nuevo León is its preparation of Cabrito, which can be found in a variety of preparation as in sauce, enchiladas or other ways. The second favorite dish of the inhabitants of Monterrey is the so-called “hit by a car”, where the dried meat is the main ingredient accompanied by onion, tomato and serrano pepper, which is served together with some tasty flour tortillas.

Cola de Caballo Waterfall

If in addition to knowing the city you feel something more natural, just 40 km from Monterrey is the Cola de Caballo waterfall, which takes you to a getaway adventure in nature, then, if yours is to eat at outdoors, you can take your food and prepare it in the barbecue area.

Take one of the flights to Monterrey and tour the city, marveling at its great architectural details and spending days entertained in its huge diversity of recreational places.