Pål Haugen Lillefosse thinks of his mother after EC bronze in the pole vault: – I wish he was here

In the rain and tough conditions for the stavelites, 21-year-old Lillefosse swung over 5.75 on the first try. This will prove to be absolutely decisive in the medal match at the Olympic Stadium.

None of the others who jumped at that height made it to 5.75 on the first attempt. Only Germany’s Bo Kanda Lita Baehre and Sweden’s big favorite Armand Duplantis managed to reach a height of nearly 5.85.

Thus, Lillefosse took the bronze medal for having picked up 5.75 on the first attempt.

Gold went to Duplantis with a championship record of 6.06, while Germany’s Baehre took silver with 5.85.

– Real! It’s good to take it. I jumped steadily. Today it is important to take it in the first attempt. “It gives me more motivation and hope to fight against the best,” Lillefosse told the Norwegian press writing section.

Lillefoss was moved by bronze. Great talent has grown and been really successful this season. After a year with many injuries, it has become a Norwegian record, King’s Cup and bronze in EC.

– I know I’m a little emotional. The last few years have not been so pleasant. When I didn’t make it to the Olympics in Tokyo last year, it was difficult. Then I became very unmotivated for a long time, until the indoor season started. Standing here with bronze in EC now is great.”

Goalless coach

A few years ago, the medallist lost his mother. It was one of the first things he thought of when he got the Norwegian flag on his chest.

– I looked in the stands where the whole family was sitting, and there was one person missing. I know he must be proud of me. Sorry, but this is heavy. I feel it in my heart. Then the whole situation dawned on me. “I know that no one in the whole world wants to sit there in the stands more than mom,” Lillefoss said.

He had his father, brother, sister, brother girlfriend and other family friends in the stands.

– I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for mom. I remember him saying in one of the last conversations that I could be one of the best in the world.

On the sidelines of the match in Munich, coach Bjørn ge Herdlevær (38) was overjoyed with the medal.

– I’m almost speechless. I felt the adrenaline pumping through my body. I don’t think it will last. At breakfast today, Pål said that “I will take the damn medal today”, Herdlevær said.

Guttormsen disappointed

On the way to the medals, Lillefosse managed heights of 5.50 and 5.65 on the first attempt. However, 5.85 is too high for Norway. There he tore three times.

Another Norwegian competitor in the pole vault final, Sondre Guttormsen, also got over 5.75, but had to have two attempts at height. He thus places himself behind Lillefosse on the results list.

Had Guttormsen made it to 5.85, the bronze medal would have gone to him.

– I am disappointed. I came here to get a medal. what did I become? Six? This is the same result as four years ago. At the same time, I jumped as high as he took the medal, concluding Guttormsen to NTB.

Have a Norwegian record

Guttormsen has 5.82 meters as his personal record and best year. During WC Eugene, he managed 5.70 yards and came tenth.

Lillefosse set a Norwegian record with 5.86 during NM at Stjørdal earlier this season. On the WC in Eugene, he managed 5.80 and came in eighth. Lillefosse had jumped 5.80 or higher in the last six competitions before Saturday’s final in Munich. Favorite rain.

Simen Guttormsen was eliminated in the qualifiers in Munich. There he was number 13 and was the last man not to reach the final.

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