Papalaši is hiding from the world here. They also built a cinema in the Presidential Building

The Presidential House is located in the southwest part of the Royal Garden of Prague Castle. A baroque greenhouse once stood on this site. “However, only part of it survived, which was later incorporated into the construction of a new villa for then-president Edvard Bene during the Second World War,” says architectural historian Zdeněk Lukeš.

The Presidential House is a building that stands in the southwest part of the Royal Garden of Prague Castle. | Video: TV Architect

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After the Second World War, castle architect Pavel Janák had two symmetrical wings added to the remains of the original greenhouse by designer Kilián Ignác Dientzenhofer. A residence was created, which, however, Edvard Bene did not enjoy, as he abdicated in 1948 and died in the same year.

See also what TG Masaryk’s apartment looks like:

President Klement Gottwald became the first tenant. Other tenants were other presidents from the communist era: Antonín Zápotocký, Antonín Novotný, Ludvík Svoboda and Gustáv Husák. At this time, a small cinema and sauna and swimming pool are also built in the villa.

In the 1990s, President Václav Havel opened the Royal Garden to the public. At the time, the residence served as a backdrop for press conferences and meetings, the top floor had apartments for important visitors.

The building was recently reconstructed according to the design of architect Tomáš antavý. All the quality details of the original building have been preserved. A unique baroque painting in the risalite was also repaired.

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