“Patelins”, “little hills” and job hunting on the outskirts of France

Country cut. In September 2021, World launched “French Fragment”, an unprecedented portrait of the country through more than a hundred reports. A month before the presidential election, the editorial team again mobilized with “Fragments de campagne”. Through weekly live broadcasts, reports, chats, among others, we will discuss these topics that are important to us but also neglected in political debate. Public service, environment, old age… every week and until the first round, scheduled for April 10, World. from will have a special day. Today’s menu: French youth.

What do young people want? During the presidential campaign, World interested in the concerns of young French, through the diversity of profiles of children aged 18-30 years, their trajectories and aspirations. We collect their words to make their voices heard. Throughout this special day, feel free to send us your testimony about your life, your hopes, your fears, your relationship to politics, this presidential campaign, etc.

In the program:

Chat at 11 Ask your question to Florian Tirana, president of Nightline, a phone listening service “by and for students”. He or she will answer your questions and testimony about the mental health issues of youth and students.

Chat at 2 pm Put your question to Bérangère Poncet, secretary general of the Co’p1 association. He will answer you with the theme of the urgency of youth and students.

Show at 4 pm Popularizing political life, particularly in his shows broadcast on Twitch, streamer Jean Massiet will end this special day with us. For more than two hours, he will receive journalists from World participating today. He will also ask you questions that you can ask directly in his channel chat.

For further :

Testimonials. The action, yes; ballot box, no: the words of committed but abstained youth

reportage. “Let us live! “: in Béarn, the dreams and nightmares of peasant children

description. Impressive political “disaffiliation” of 18-24 year olds in France

Interview. “Young people are traversed by a deep democratic malaise”

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