Paweł Kukiz will step down from politics? “Most Poles are not mature for the ideas I bring” – Wprost

Let us recall that Paweł Kukiz entered politics as an “anti-systemist” intent on confronting the political duopoly. After achieving good results in the 2015 presidential election, he joined the Sejm in the same year as the Kukiz’15 movement.

However, it turns out that the environment he introduces to Seym is a group of people with different ambitions, who do not share a common goal. The movement quickly disbanded, and in order to reappear on the list at the next election, Kukiz had to form a coalition with the peasants.

Paweł Kukiz will step down from politics? “Most Poles are not ripe for the ideas I bring”

And this one didn’t last long, and today around Kukiz’15 in the Sejm, besides Kukiz, three other deputies were included, one of whom voted differently than the others. Paweł Kukiz, in turn, concluded a program deal with PiS, which was met with strong criticism from his former voters.

When asked about his political plans after 2023 on TOK FM, Paweł Kukiz indicated that he wasn’t sure if he would still be in politics then. – More and more often I come to the conclusion that, unfortunately, most Poles are not mature with the ideas that I bring. For the idea of ​​a democratic state, for a referendum, for a change in the way deputies are elected, for a civilian state, he said.

– Unfortunately, the key issues for Poland to truly become a fully democratic country did not reach Poland. I don’t know if anyone will be disappointed. I am disappointed with practically nil citizen awareness. I have said many times: a construction worker from Haarlem has a greater sense of citizenship than a scientist from Warsaw – he added.

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