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– It’s great that a Norwegian film was nominated for an Oscar. It’s cool that you yourself have made such a small contribution to this film, so keep it good, says Troms resident Per Ivar Somby.

Joachim Trier’s film “The World’s Worst Man” has been nominated in two Oscar categories: Best Foreign Language Film, and Best Original Screenplay.

LOVE: Renate Reinsve (Julie) and Anders Danielsen Lie (Aksel) play the lead roles in the film.

Photo: Oslo Pictures / SF Studios

– My contribution to this film was that they needed some pictures of Sami, which they could use in a scene in the film. In the film, the main character browses the website in search of information about Sami. That’s how images are used in films, Somby explains.

Classic love story

The plot of “The World’s Worst Man” is universal. Hence, it hits a wide audience.

Julie is almost 30 years old. He had a lot of talent, but little payoff and increasingly felt like a supporting role in his own life. His slightly older girlfriend wants them to start a family, but Julie holds him back.

The cover of the book «People under the northern lights» / «Álbmot guovssahasa vuolde» by Per Ivar Somby about the photo project of Danish researcher Sophus Tromholt

OLD PICTURES: Danish Northern Lights researcher Sophus Tromholt lived in Sápmi in 1882 and 1883. Per Ivar Somby has colored some of his photographs.

Photo: álliidlágádus

– My contribution to this film is very, very small scenes, Somby emphasizes.

A few years ago, the Tromso man came across an old black and white photo of his great-grandfather. To find out what he really looked like, Per Ivar got the idea to improve and color the photo.

Gradually, he developed the technique of coloring or coloring old pictures. In 2019, he published the book “People under the northern lights”.

– I hope that people through my contributions pay attention to Sami. “My contribution is very small, but it’s nice to watch,” said Somby and smiled.

– Rarely to Hollywood

The director and screenwriter were even surprised by the Oscar nominations, when the news was announced yesterday.

Joachim Trier wishes Norwegian films a success in the US

SUCCESS DIRECTOR: Joachim Trier hopes for success during the Oscars.

Photo: Tove Bjørgaas / NRK

– I think we fainted a little when they read out the nominations. Truly shocking and touching, Trier told NRK.

This year’s Oscars will be held in Hollywood on Sunday, March 27.

Eskil Vogt had been with Trier during script preparation. He still didn’t know what to expect.

– I haven’t thought of that. “We’re very happy to be in good company with this nomination, but anything can happen with the Oscars,” said Vogt.

Per Ivar Somby hopes it will be “The Worst Man in the World”.

– If the film won an Oscar, then I would scream that We’ve won an Oscar, said Somby.

Per Ivar Somby

EXHIBITION: Some of Per Ivar Somby’s color drawings are on display at the Library in Troms. Images used in the film are not included in the exhibition.

Photo: Dan Robert Larsen / NRK

Five Oscar-nominated Norwegian films

In the best foreign language film category, the following films were nominated:

«Driving My Car» (Japan)

«Run» (Danish)

«Hand of God» (Italy)

«Lunana: A Yak in the Classroom» (Bhutan)

“Worst Man in the World” (Norway)

In the best original script category, the following films were nominated:


«Don’t Look Up»

«King Richard»

«Pizza Licorice»

“Worst Man in the World”

Norway has been nominated for the award for best foreign language film five times previously without a win. First in 1958 for “Nine Lives”, then for Witch in 1988, “Sunday Angels” in 1997, “Elling” in 2002 and “Kon-Tiki” in 2013.

– I’m rarely invited to Hollywood. “My contribution to this film is too small for that,” said Per Ivar Somby.

Mikkel Gaup in the Oscar-nominated film

OSCAR NOMINATION: Nils Gaup’s film «The Wizard» was nominated for an Oscar in 1988. Mikkel Gaup played the lead role in the film.

Photo: NTB scanpix

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