Photo from the winter garden is like a caress to the soul

Bu Jana Park is inhabited by many living things. It is a place of rest and refuge for them. In winter, a place where there is always food for them. So, in addition to regularly refilling feeders, our readers pick up cameras and “hunt” their visitors.

“My hobby is living gardens. Daily feeding of birds in winter attracts many sparrows and titmouse, but also other species. Woodpeckers, golden sparrows, bells, blackbirds, blueberries, finches, grandma’s breasts, jays, sparrows foraging for food under dry perennials fly here,” wrote Mrs. Jana.

The new guest coming with this winter is the titmouse. From time to time, pheasants also came to the snowy kingdom to look under the trees to see if there were any acorns or berries left for them.

Sunflower oil seeds await visitors at the bird feeders, which provides them with much-needed energy. In magazines, readers then dress them in fat balls.

The red robin bib on the white snow was just shining.

Photo: Reader’s Archive

“To me, the most beautiful bird is the robin, loves flakes and sits on silver fir trees. As you already know, eagles often fly towards us on raised stumps when I prepare the rest of the meat for them. It is very interesting to see them alert, “said Mrs. Jana.

Squirrels and birds are better than television

A pleasant surprise for him was also visits to squirrels, which are protected in our country and in some parts of the country they have decreased significantly in recent years.

“I’m just happy with them. I even managed to take a picture of them holding a walnut. Or I saw a squirrel courting with my own eyes. Two boys chasing a girl. Even though I have a place to eat for them in the garden, they haven’t found it, they just took nuts that are still on the tree or on the ground, ”the reader does not deny the enthusiasm of nature observers.

And it confirms a well-known old adage that applies more than ever today: Whoever feeds the birds and squirrels in winter has better entertainment than watching TV.

The reader manages to catch a squirrel in a funny pose with nuts.

Photo: Reader’s Archive

“I like the conservatory when it’s snowing or freezing. If you set it to be beautiful even at this time of year, you have a huge plus. Blooming perennials, grasses, cypresses and shrubs will bring it to life for you. When it snows, it is even more beautiful, the garden in the white coat is completely different, just beautiful,” said Mrs. Jana and she obviously had her reasons.

One morning he felt like he was in an ice kingdom. The fog that froze overnight creates a very beautiful scene, and the frozen lake in the background looks like a sugar mirror.

Silver fir tree as a thanking image background

Some time ago, as Janina’s birthday and holidays approached, she symbolically wished them two silver fir trees instead of jewelry. Today, he is proud of how well they did. But other than that, they benefit from them especially as photographers! They form a great backdrop for birds sitting on their branches. The aforementioned robin stands out very beautifully in such pictures.

Like most garden owners, he prepared many interesting surprises for Mrs. Jana. One of the first was the discovery that some shrubs bloom even in winter.

“Like jasmine in bloom, the scent of viburnum now beginning to bloom for us. There are many others, but we have no room for them anymore. And since I am from Moravia, the snowdrops, watercress and crocuses are already in bloom here, “Miss Jana complimented herself by admitting that she was already looking forward to the coming spring.

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