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The city hospital in Sušice has experienced financial and personnel problems and has barely functioned for a long time. The city has now received an offer from the Pilsen Region to take over the hospital. The region wants to own a hospital, whose operation makes a sizeable contribution in the long run, refusing to just rent the building, as it will not be able to invest in it. He also wanted to determine what kind of treatment he would provide. By the end of the year, the hospital could operate under the county.

“The municipal government considers operating the hospital through the district as the best solution offered,” said the mayor of Sušice Petr Mottl (ODS). Regional management will send a modified draft memorandum, which will determine the next steps of both parties. According to the mayor, the city council and representatives have approved the takeover by the regions.

“Based on negotiations with the Suice city management, the Pilsen area is immediately ready to help Suice Hospital,” said the governor of the Pilsen region after his meeting with the mayor of Sušice Rudolf Spotak (Pirate). He recalled that the Pilsen County gave the city a draft memorandum on financial support for the hospital for comment.

“We talked about the memorandum we offered to the city, and about the financial support of ten million crowns, with which we are ready to support the operation of the hospital this year. During the meeting there was also a proposal that the hospital be taken over by the Pilsen region immediately. approved by the city of Sušice, it is first important to know where the personnel, economic and property conditions of the hospital are. Next, we can start negotiating the takeover and settlement of the property.” said the governor poták.

The county is willing to take over the hospital completely, but will make a decision about it and be responsible for it. Furthermore, the governor stated that assisting the Sušické hospital is a moral obligation, with the fact that more details about this medical facility will be finalized through a regional council decision in the coming weeks.

A referendum was held in Sušice last year because of the medical facilities. Residents want the DKI Provincial Government to take care of inpatient, surgical, aftercare and ICU facilities. According to Mayor Mottl, the city will edit the draft memorandum to be simple and clear and state that both parties have agreed that the hospital will be operated by the district. After approval of the memorandum, property and contractual relationships will be adjusted. According to Mottl, the takeover process was delayed because activists and others tried to oppose it; in particular, it is expected whether it will conflict with the results of the referendum, which is not.

There is still an unclear situation surrounding the function of the Sušická Hospital, which is owned by the city. He wanted to discuss his operations with the Pilsen county, which the city council also approved. However, the proposal submitted by Mayor Petr Mottl (ODS)…

Richard Pikner (TOP 09), the opposition representative and doctor at the Klatovské regional hospital, a member of the regional committee for health care, has long stated that the Sušická hospital has its place in the regional network. “It’s just a question of the extent of the treatment he should give. Of course it has to be outpatient, definitely basic surgery and internal medicine. There are not enough internal beds in the district, of course there are also hospitals for long-term patients,” state

In coordination with the other four inpatient facilities in the region, a one-day operation can be added for this. There should also be a diagnostic CT device, with which the doctor decides whether to transfer the patient to a higher type device in Klatov, Strakonic or Pilsen. According to him, if the hospital does not become part of the network, “uncontrollable collapse” is at risk.

P city council memberAvel Javorsk (YES) acknowledged the governor’s meeting with the mayor. According to him, the hospital leads to the district. “And what was also decisive was that the last city council approved the concept of a hospital without acute inpatient and non-surgical surgery. That is, with the possibility of a one-day operation, if staff can be found,” he added. Thus, the city responded to the district, which said it could not provide acute inpatient surgery there. From my point of view, there is nothing to prevent the district and the city from reaching an agreement, he said.

“Both sides, and especially the region, are interested in ensuring that treatment is provided and hospitals don’t touch the political burden.” added the deputy governor for health Pavel Hais (Pirate), who is also a member of the Sušice council. According to him, nothing hinders the conclusion of the memorandum. However, the condition must be defined in such a way that it is passable even for the region. According to Hais, the district is trying to help the hospital. In the first step, it is financial support so that treatment can be provided there. So far, the city paid for the operation of 27 million CZK, which has been allocated for the year.

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