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Expedition to the Wild Book Cover. | Photo: Argo

David Attenborough: Wilderness Expeditions

The book of a ninety-five year old British science promoter, sir, is over 400 pages long Davida Attenboroughawho drove more than 2.5 million kilometers just for the Life on Earth series from the 1970s and visited 31 countries in six years to shoot the new documentary The Perfect Planet for Change.

In a publication entitled Expeditions to the Wilderness, he recalls his beginnings: how in 1954 he had the opportunity to travel and search for rare animals for the London Zoo. He immortalized the expedition for the Animal Expedition show, which was broadcast by the UK’s BBC.

“After World War II, I tried to work in scientific journals, which was very boring. Then I tried to get into radio because I had never seen television,” Attenborough told Skavlan, a Swedish talk show, several years ago. Even though he didn’t get a job on radio, he was noticed by the BBC. “They asked if I wanted to try this new thing they were launching called television. So I said, ‘Why not?’ It was 1952,” he added.

Attenborough and his colleagues gradually settled with the natives, looking for large ants in Guyana, Komodo dragons in Indonesia, or armadillos in Paraguay. They encounter encounters with aggressive hedgehogs, wild boars or predatory fish. Book, translated by Jitka Jeníková, published by Argo.

“Young Attenborough was above all a great adventurer. At the same time, it is clear from the foreword to the revised edition of his first travel diary that he was also very ambitious. He had big visions, big dreams, titles. our entire planet and the living and non-living realms, are in fact all the creatures that inhabit it, whether they swim, climb, have two legs, a hundred feet or speak. Attenborough also has a great sense of humour. , “he added.

Despite his advanced age, the writer is still active, and last year he presented a film in the Apple TV+ video library called The Year That Changed the Earth. In it, he observes the signing of the first year of the coronavirus pandemic. During the most difficult months, traffic noise drops, sea and air is cleaner, in parts of Asia by as much as 70 percent, it says in the image.

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