Plane with 132 passengers crashes in China

There is no hope of finding survivors after a plane from China Eastern Airlines crashed near the city of Wuzhou in the Guangxi region on Monday.

Rescue workers are on their way to the site where a plane from China Eastern Airlines crashed on Monday.

Based on Chinese aviation authority There were 123 passengers and nine crew on board the flight on route MU5735, and a fire was reported on the hillside where the plane crashed.

No major parts of the plane are visible in the video, and as such there is little indication that anyone survived the crash.

The plane that crashed, according to China’s state broadcaster CCTV, was a Boeing 737-89P and was slightly over six years old.

Fall fast

Based on Flightradar24 The plane was coming from Kunming in Yunnan province and was about to go to Guangzhou when it crashed south of Wuzhou.

The flight normally takes 1 hour 37 minutes, but after more than an hour the plane loses speed.

Within 3 minutes, the plane fell from a height of almost 9,000 meters to less than 1,000 meters before contact was suddenly lost, AFP reports.


One man said he was an eye witness to the accident from the car he was driving.

– The plane was real, and there was no smoke or fire, it just fell quickly, he told the Chinese online newspaper Hongxing Xinwen.

Aviation experts question how the plane could have crashed so quickly.

– Even if both engines on a Boeing 737 fail at the same time, it is impossible to crash so quickly. The plane could remain in the air for some time, an expert told Chinese media.

China’s state CCTV broadcast on Monday showed images of rescue workers on their way to the site where the plane with 132 people on board crashed. There is little hope of finding survivors after the crash.

Xi is shocked

Chinese President Xi Jinping said he was shocked by the news of the crash and had ordered an investigation into the crash, according to state media.

– We are all shocked by the news of the crash with the China Eastern MU5735, said in a statement from Xi, who said that everything will now be put in place to find answers to what caused the crash.

Some accidents

China’s last major plane crash occurred in 2010 when a passenger plane from Henan Airlines crashed in northeastern Heilongjiang province.

At least 42 of the 92 people on board died, but Chinese authorities have never confirmed the final death toll.

The deadliest accident occurred in 1994 when a plane from China Northwest Airlines crashed and all 160 people on board died.

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