PlayStation showed some new games, but nothing too surprising

The entire presentation lasted less than an hour and, in addition to the expected details revealed about the upcoming Spider-Man comic book, it also brought many surprises.

In total, we were able to see several dozen new games, many of which are independent but not quite within the parameters of a spectacular event.

A certain trend is the comeback of a somewhat forgotten brand, many people think about it, their last word in years. This applies in particular to the cult series Kojim Metal Gear Solid, which was released in the form of a remake of this famous work with the name Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater. Plus, remasters of the first two series will be releasing on PS5, but in their case, don’t expect the graphics to be unified on any given day.

To be surprised is to discover something forgotten Marathon, which is actually the precursor to the character Halo. It’s impossible to tell from the trailer what studio Bungie d will look like, but it looks like a classic live service game in the style of Destiny,

e with drilling characters Alan wakes up And Dragon’s Dogma we’ve seen that, but for the first time we’re getting to see a PMO example of the game. And to be honest – these two were some of the best we could see in the entire presentation.

The pier and bottom are damaged Hell Diver (see our review). This time it’s going to be 3D, and while it doesn’t look bad, the world is and is definitely a Star Wars heist. And to keep those other works from being overwhelming, the first trailer also introduces other cyberpunk works ghost runner and philosophical logic Talos Principle.

The first game is definitely a sequel to the Assassins Creed series which will be released with subtitles Mirage. Anyone hoping the developers would come up with a new concept after the break, should be disappointed with the demo, it looks like something we’ve played around with. But no, when people enjoy it.

However, there are also marked signs. Do lunges like a samurai sword Phantom Blade Zero, which is filled with very effective combat. Unfortunately, it’s not entirely clear from the trailer whether it’s a rukka action or a careful soulsovka.

The fantasy girl is also interested God Avenum, which will be published under the auspices of the publisher Electronic Arts. Imagine a modern arno Doomy in a fantasy world and you have a rough idea of ​​what it would look like. Plus, apart from the car, you also promised to take pbh,

Find out then cooperative survival Aghasba Tower, which unlike other games in this wildly popular genre in recent years, also requires an upbeat mood. But we have to count on it for at least five years.

Plenty of room is also given for independent art games, we’ll only cover the most interesting ones. HI Sea Sword We thought after the trailer that it would be about the PM regional cult ride, but in the end it’s a separate title. Here we will be able to speed up our journey through fantastic landscapes with the help of jakhosi’s magic skates. Night in the Woods the famous talker is also back with his iconic chicken, but what about the trailer? Revenants Hill actually it will.

According to reports, virtual reality has recently received a lot of space. The most up-and-coming gem in the hole is undoubtedly the customized version of Resident Evil 4’s summer remake. The game looks almost unrecognizable from its own perspective, in the past we’ve also convinced ourselves that horror movies are perfect for virtual reality. reality (see link). Apart from that, PS VR2 will also be released soon Arizona Sushine 2, Gunfight: Sierra Squad and full of new characters Synapse.

And the best for animals of course. The start of the one-minute tutorial about the game left us a little hesitant, as the South American jungle wasn’t exactly the environment we’d hoped to find ourselves in. Spider Manbut after a brief introduction to the main company, he moved back to New York.

It looks like this time we’ll be able to switch between Spider-man and Miles Morales at will, similar to GTA V, the fighting styles of the two masked men will suit him very well. Every day it would be a spectacular dance song, as Marvel fans are used to. Intellectual achievement won’t define it, but great relaxation is guaranteed. Unfortunately, we still haven’t found an exact release date.

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