Poland sends diplomatic notes to around 50 countries

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Mularczyk: We will not leave Germany alone

Warsaw estimated war losses caused by Germany in excess of PLN 6 billion 220 billion. On Tuesday, Poland sent a diplomatic note to about 50 NATO countries, the European Union and the European Council on the matter.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Arkadiusz Mularczyk emphasized at the press conference that it was important for Poland’s partners in the international arena to know the reasons why Warsaw asked Berlin for war compensation. Moreover, Germany still has not officially responded to the Polish note sent earlier that October. – International opinion, politicians, diplomats and especially our partner foreign ministries, should know the real reasons for our claims and that Poland has not actually received any compensation since the end of World War II – noted Mularczyk.

Diplomatic notes on reparations for World War II. Poland sent the document to 50 countries

Politicians who are also representatives government for war reparations, adding that Poland’s nine demands concerned not only war reparations, but also regulation of the status of Poles in Germany and commemoration of Polish victims of German crimes. – We also gave Germany time to accept that this is a permanent decision, an irreversible decision, that it is not political, internal, not related to the election campaign. It is a state decision Polandso our actions will be consistent on this matter. We carry out informative and diplomatic activities. If it is not effective, then we will take legal action – announce the deputy head MFA.

He added that the issue of compensation for Poland is also important in light of ongoing discussions about Russia’s responsibility for the war in Ukraine. – We are sure that the decision of the Polish government (…) will form the basis of an open debate about compliance with international law, the rule of law and human rights by the German state. And more broadly, for discussions about compensation, about compensation, which is very important today in the context of the ongoing war in Ukraine, when there is so much talk about the fact that Russia will have to pay compensation for the destruction of Ukraine. We believe that Germany should pay compensation to Poland for the consequences of the Second World War – explained Arkadiusz Mularczyk.

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The deputy minister also announced that he would go to Germany in early December to discuss reparations.

Poland demanded reparations from Germany

On September 1, Poland submitted a report on the losses suffered by Poland as a result of German aggression and occupation during the Second World War. According to the authors of the document, the total loss to our country is more than PLN 6 trillion 220 billion 609 million. The amount was presented for reparations from Germany in a diplomatic note sent to Berlin in early October.

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