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UDI calls for electing Emmanuel Macron in the second round of presidential elections

The center party of the Union of Independent Democrats (UDI), which backed LR candidate Valérie Pécresse, during the first round, called on Tuesday to elect President Emmanuel Macron who will be out in the second round of the presidential election against Marine The pen. The party’s national office, chaired by deputy Jean-Christophe Lagarde, takes this position “unanimity”according to a press release, Tuesday morning at the political office.

UDI wish “a very different mandate from the former than the risk of collapse brought about by the far-right program”. “For the first time, right-wing candidates can win”worry centrist party. “Nothing in the program resembles our values ​​or the projects we undertake”he completes, register “its position in Europe”, “His proximity to authoritarian regimes” Where “his demagogic economic proposal”.

“He doesn’t have a team with the skills and experience to command, even by allying with Eric Zemmour”, added the party. He thus invited Emmanuel Macron to “to be more considerate of France, which suffers from social inequality and lack of territorial equality”.

Meeting at the end of the afternoon, the centrist senators, part of the majority of senators, are also called “to vote for Emmanuel Macron clearly, April 24”. For the Union centrist group, “Marine Le Pen’s economic, budget and European program is a disaster” and “its dangerous international association”. Senators from the group Les Indépendants also called for a vote “without hesitation supports Emmanuel Macron”.

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