Politician girlfriend: – Not very romantic

ARENDAL (Dagbladet): On Monday, Dagbladet learned that the profiles of Rødt Sofie Marhaug (32) and Mimir Kristjansson (35) had found happiness in a team.

The two were shortlisted for Storting in last fall’s election, and it was confirmed to Dagbladet that they were in a relationship. “Mimir & Marhaug” is far from the first couple born in the corridors of power.

Mari Holm Lønseth (30) and Sivert Bjørnstad (31) have several years of experience as representatives of Storting and couple. Dagbladet asked them for some advice on behalf of the new super couple Lovebakken, and a bit more red.

– It’s not as difficult as you might think, says Sivert Bjørnstad.

– There are also clear advantages to being lovers and sharing the workplace. “We have a good understanding that things happen quickly, that plans have to change, that sometimes there is a lot of travel and often there are late meetings,” he added.

Finding happiness in Lovebakken

Romantic meeting

The boyfriend nodded.

– Having the understanding that days may not go according to plan, we believe it is important to make daily life as elected officials and lovers better. This is especially important in busy periods, says Mari Lønseth.

– Which of you is the best at planning a romantic date when the meeting is long and the Ap/Sp cold?

– Let’s probably be the best at playing the big drums, i.e., start going to restaurants and so on, Sivert said.

– But Sivert, on the other hand, is best at spontaneous and romantic gatherings in parliament restaurants. There’s nothing better than sharing a meal of fish balls and shrimp in shells with ice-cold farris, says Lønseth.

Will remove double vacation payment

Will remove double vacation payment


“Mimir & Marhaug” has the same party colors, but this is not the case for Bjørnstad and Lønseth. Of course, this presents some problems.

– Yes, there will be a little fight, but not too much. It was quite small at first when both of our parties were in government, then it became a little more when the FRP left the government. But now that we’re both in more or less constructive opposition, there will be little left, Lønseth said.

He added that the two had their respective parties in second place, and this reduces the need for loud discussions – as long as he doesn’t refer to his girlfriend as a right-wing guy. Then it can be moonlight in the house.

– The political distance is not sky high, even if Sivert is a little offended by being called a right-wing man. After all, he eats grandis with his hands, not with a knife and fork, he added.

Against own party

Against own party

Cupid’s arrow in Lovebakken

– Is Storting a more romantic place than expected?

– Nothing is as romantic as Storting! When you pass the lion up the hill in front of the parliament building and the beautiful yellow bricks attack you, it’s as if Cupid himself shot his arrow straight into the heart, says Sivert Bjørnstad.

– You think so?

– No, from joking to serious. There’s nothing to suggest that Storting itself is a particularly romantic place. We got together after a friend’s trip south on the Costa Blanca in Spain, in good FRP spirit!

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