POLL: Up to half of people make New Year’s resolutions. Most often they want to lose weight News Hradecka Drbna

Every year, about half of people make resolutions. Most often it is weight loss, savings, exercise or relationships. From a long-term survey, it is evident that the resolution is more like women’s parquet. The paradox is that about two-thirds of all people know in advance that they can’t live up to their resolutions.

“New Year’s resolutions are often not based on the fact that someone set an unrealistic goal, such as losing 10 pounds a month. This time, if you choose a goal that is completely within your limits and you have strong motivation, you will increase your chances of achieving it. many times over,She says Věra Burešova, Head of NATURHOUSE Nutrition Consultants. Weight loss is at the imaginary pinnacle of popularity rankings in New Year’s resolutions.

It’s the weight loss that often follows Christmas overeating. The average Czech gains two to five kilograms during the holidays. The survey shows that 79 percent of respondents eat more food at Christmas, half of them even suffer from health problems during Christmas.

During the holidays, the average Czech gains from two to five kilograms. That’s according to a survey by Naturhouse. So the most common New Year’s resolution is to lose weight. 42 percent of Czechs eye it every year. But for every third, his resolve would only last a few weeks.

In general, people shouldn’t make resolutions for the new year. Instead, it’s better to start your personal challenge at a later time. “If you do, are the resolutions specific, realistic, and ideally steps for you, that is, broken down into increasingly fulfilling goals.” lecturer said Olga Medliková.

New Year’s resolutions most often last until February. 15 percent of respondents never follow it. 42 percent of those surveyed admitted that they usually do not adhere to their resolutions. Only a tenth of people can do it for more than a year. A quarter gave up after about one to two months.

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