Poor measurement

Labor fell below 20 percent on the NRK and Aftenposten party barometers for August. Høyre is by far the largest party in the country with 30 percent support.

Norstat which has taken measurements for NRK and after post. There, the Labor Party retreated 2.4 percentage points from the previous poll in late May and ended up with 19.4 percent support among those polled.

A total of 960 people were interviewed in the survey, which has a margin of error of 1.4 to 3.6 percentage points.

Solberg: – Inspiring

Right on the other hand, advanced a full 3.3 percentage points in the measurement. Erna Solberg’s party has the support of 30 percent of the electorate. You have to go back to January 2014 to find a better Norstat poll for the Conservative Party.

– Good polls inspire everyone in the party, especially for those who will be working towards next year’s local elections. They will probably welcome the survey with great enthusiasm, Høyre leader Erna Solberg told NRK.

Senterpartiet’s government partners were also included in the Norstat survey, but not as much as Ap. Sp returned by 0.4 percentage points and landed at 5.9 percent support. SV also returned, with 0.8 percentage points, and received 8.9 percent support among those questioned.

FRP Progress

However, the red strengthened and rose 0.4 percentage point. In total, the party received 5.8 percent voter support.

The Progress Party was able to register an advance of 1.4 percentage points from the previous poll, and receive 14.4 percent support.

Among parties in the center, KrF rose 0.6 percentage points, ending with 3.8 percent just below the threshold. Green Party go

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